A Few Helpful Tricks to Improve Communication Skills by Self

 A Few Helpful Tricks to Improve Communication Skills by Self

“Words are like leaves and where they are most abound, much fruit of sense beneath is rarely found.”

-Alexander Pope

Communication is an inseparable part of your personality. A good communicator does not have to work hard to attract people like magnet. But, most of us fail on that count. Our incapability to communicate effectively makes us suffer at workplace, stops us from being a leader and even distorts our personal relationships.

So, what to do??? How to improve communication skills to attain a better personality, achieve success and making great impressions? You can do all by yourself. All it needs is your constant efforts and certain tricks.

Here we go with certain helpful tricks to improve communication skills by self

Be a Good Listener:

This is perhaps the most important thing that needs to be done to be a good communicator and that is to become a good listener. People love to get heard and very few people have the patience to listen carefully to others. Most of the people begin to formulate their responses in jiffy and that is why they fail to convey effectively. To become a good communicator, be a good listener first and remember the person or audience you are talking to are the most important ones at that very moment. Pay a full attention and do not do any other work while you are talking.

Think Before Speaking:

Do not say the first thing that comes to your mind, take a pause before you speak, form an appropriate response in your brain and then speak out. This will help you avoid embarrassments and you would not ramble.  Take help of assignment writing agencies like Assignment Help that can teach you about how to gather your thoughts before speaking.

Convey Your Message in a Simple and Effective Manner:

Keep your language simple, voice audible and refrain from using informal language like “TC”, “TTYL” etc. Your efforts should be directed towards conveying what you want to speak effectively so do not confuse the person before you. He/she may or may not understand the acronyms. Try to make just the right choice of words and be brief as much as you can but be specific. If it is about written communication, make very sure that you have read and understood the e-mail or any message thoroughly before crafting the response. There are certain good assignment and essay writing agencies like My Assignment Help that guides the students to talk effectively.

Maintain an Eye-contact:

Do you know that your tongue speaks lesser than your body? When you talk to someone, your body language begins to tell a lot about what’s going in your mind. So, when you speak just be confident of what you need to say and maintain an eye contact for the same. It will help you feel confident and prevents any rambling. Maintain a positive attitude throughout your conversation and smile often.

Read a Lot and Get into Habit of Writing Things:

To improve your communication you need to have a fairly good command on language. You should be good contemplator and a good reader does not have to try too hard to be a good communicator. Read aloud before mirror, indulge in a lot of public speaking, debates and extempore. It really helps to take the shyness out and to be an extrovert. Focus more on yourself and not on others. If you need to render a speech, you will have to write important pointers to be discussed there and then talk on them elaborately.

Treat Everyone With Respect:

Whom you are talking to is important but more important is how you talk. Refrain from using slangs and rude language for any reason as this would result in ruining the entire communication. Whether formal or an informal, every communication should start with greetings. Avoid taking down to anybody and incorporate the element of humbleness.

Drop a Text rather Than Not Receiving Calls at All:

You are busy at times and may be at such a place where you cannot receive calls. It is good to drop a text message and ask the other person to call back after some time rather than not receiving calls at all. When you can reply thorough simple texting there is no need to send e-mails.

While Public Speaking Try to Engage Audience:

Asking questions or replying to the queries is the best way to engage audience you are talking to. So, when you are speaking to public at large, it is good to come prepared with their possible queries or prompt them to speak or speak about a hot topic of discussion. Ask them about the feedback.

Leaders do differ and a great set of communication skills is what makes them different from others. You can be a better communicator only if you know that communication is a two-way process and you need to be very good listener first to speak effectively. Make introspection, frame your answers and do not speak the first thing that comes into your mind.

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