A few old masterpieces of cinema that best narrate the life of Jesus

 A few old masterpieces of cinema that best narrate the life of Jesus

In the world of Christian movies made by several famous directors are mostly based on the Best Christian books of all time. The movies we can see in the Hollywood are often based on Jesus, and sometimes fictional. However, each speaks one thing in common – to let the world know about pre and post Christianity era. It is why we propose a series of films based on Christianity that you must watch with your family.

How beautiful is living (1946)

There is a simple method, to know if a movie is bad, good or legendary. If you catch her started on TV and stay to watch her, she belongs to the third group. Now, it’s time to ask yourself, how many times you have seen “How beautiful is living”. Well there you have it. And all thanks to Frank Capra, the director who gave us one of the best Christmas stories ever seen in cinema.

Chariots of fire (1981)

The story of two British athletes who competed to go to the 1924 Olympic, but who also did it religiously. One athlete was a staunch Jew, and another devout Christian. In the middle, an ideological clash that Hugh Hudson masterfully conducted and that led him to win 4 Academy Awards.

The Passion of Christ (2004)

Regardless of the controversies it aroused, Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ is a film of exceptional invoice. His extreme violence is nothing but the director’s recreation of the suffering of Jesus, on the way to his crucifixion. The film narrates the last twelve hours of the life of Jesus. It is without a doubt, one of the riskiest bets in Christian cinematography. And also one of the most remembered. It swept the box office, with more than 611 million dollars. The film alludes exactly to its title, and is one of the Best Christian movies of all time.

King of Kings (1961)

Directed by Nicholas Ray, the film narrates all the events in the life of Jesus, placing special emphasis on his most difficult moments, his doubts between action and contemplation. The director also narrates his thoughts on nonconformity, freedom and violence.

Jesus of Nazareth (1977)

This 230-minute long film is considered one of the most iconic about the life of Jesus Christ. The fidelity used when choosing the scenes stands out as well as the clothing of Jesus of Nazareth, typical of the one used during those years in Judea.

The Gospel according to Saint Matthew

This film is based on the text of Mateo to narrate the life of Jesus of Nazareth. With the peculiarity of being in black and white, we find a film different from the previous ones, not only in terms of focus, but also in aesthetics. This film explores the more human side of Christ.

Diary of a country priest (1950)

In a list of Christian films, the most relevant title of one of the most relevant directors of the genre could not be missing – Robert Bresson. The Frenchman reached his creative zenith with this Diary of a Rural Priest. It is a story based on a young priest. Due to the illness he suffers, he was rejected by the administration of the town where he was posted for the first time.  This great film shows a situation that will lead to a deep crisis of faith and to lose hope in the human being.


There are various films based on Jesus life and on Christianity. It is strongly recommended that you see some of the old movies on Christianity to taste the feel of divinity and plot. You can order genuine Christian tshirts online to show your support and respect towards Christianity and love.

Teresa Martinez

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