A Newer Way Of Life With Rick Simpson Oil

 A Newer Way Of Life With Rick Simpson Oil

It was Rick Simpson, medical marijuana activist from Canada who developed the cannabis oil product popularly known as Rick Simpson Oil or RSO. When it comes to Rick Simpson Oil, it is best to note that this oil varies a lot from the other cannabis oil products. The reason behind that is, the oil has much higher levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This element is one of the chief psychoactive cannabinoids that gives people the sensation of being “high”. Thus, when the plan is to Rick Simpson Oil buy, you will need to know what exactly you are dealing with. 

How Is RSO Different From The Other Cannabis Oil?

In the case of any other therapeutic cannabis oils, they usually contain a different kind of cannabinoid which is called cannabidiol while the content of tetrahydrocannabinol is either minimal or it is absent. The popularity that was gained into making Rick Simpson Oil has been quite a strong follow-up because of numerous people showing interest in buying this oil and availing the benefits of it. The medicinal benefits of the oil have grabbed some critical acclaims for the oil which makes it an exceptional product.

What Makes RSO A Potential Choice?

The most significant claim that has been made by Rick Simpson about his oil is that it is capable of treating and curing cancer. This was followed right after Simpson was diagnosed to have skin cancer in 2003. According to his account, he had been applying the cannabis oil to the specific areas where the cancer was prevalent around his face and neck. Upon the application of the oil, he noticed that the spots had started to disappear within a few days.

Rick Simpson has stated that he uses Cannabis indica as the type of cannabis in his cannabis oil. This cannabis is capable of producing the effect of a sedative which helps heal the body. In addition to that, he even stated that Rick Simpson Oil is capable of treating high blood pressure, arthritis, asthma, inflammations, depression, insomnia as well as infections.

What Has Been Found In Studies About RSO?

After coming across the results of a study from 1975 which stated that THC along with other cannabinoids has been effective in slowing down the growth of lung cancer in mice, Rick Simpson decided to give it a try. Ever since this encounter, the study of the effect of THC over cancer cells in animals has been boosted. The effect of RSO cannot be understated but the positive effects of the oil are pretty noteworthy. The effects of the oil can bring a positive edge towards slowing down the growth of cancer cells in your body. If you are interested in Rick Simpson Oil buy to treat cancer, you should do that after consulting your doctor.

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