Achieving an Eco-Friendly Kitchen

Getting your kitchen remodeled isn’t always about its look and functionality. Sometimes you can help the environment by switching up a few things in your kitchen. Here are some ways that you can make your kitchen eco-friendly.

Though considered to be cliché, purchase materials that are sustainable and recyclable. Try going to old shops or flea markets and see if you can find any ornamental decorations that may fit in your kitchen. When choosing a light for your kitchen, buy those with energy-efficient features. They use less electricity and save you more money.

Plastic materials are non-biodegradable, so try to avoid them. They contain BPA that is harmful to humans and may affect your health. Conserve water in your kitchen by practicing good habits. Close your faucets appropriately and make sure that there are no leaks.  Lastly, use natural cleaning agents. Consider buying plant-based soaps or baking soda to clean certain parts of your kitchen.

If you are looking to upgrade your kitchen into an eco-friendlier one, here’s an infographic by Mr. Cabinet Care.

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Teresa Martinez

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