Ahmed Adel TallPhotographer – One of the Most Talented Photographers in Dubai

For the last couple of years, Dubai has emerged as one of the major destinations for fashion. This has paved the way for some of the most renowned fashion photographers to evolve in the scene. One such talented photographer is Ahmed Adel. Ahmed Adel known as Tall Photographer has made a name for himself over a very short period and today is recognized to be one of the most reputed and renowned fashion photographers in Dubai. He is one of the very few fashion photographers in Dubai, who uses drones to take aerial shots. Over the years, he has numerous different successful fashion assignments to his credit, and today his services are sought by some of the best fashion agencies from all over the world.

What makes him special? 

As mentioned, these days, there are multiple different options available in Dubai when it comes to a quality fashion photographer in Dubai. So what makes Ahmed Adel so special? It goes without saying that he has managed to achieve this status and position as one of the most renowned and leading photographers in this part of the world with hard work and dedication. He is highly professional, and he has some of the latest technologies at his disposal to provide some of the best of shots. There aren’t many in this part of the world that use drone photography. If you are looking for a scenic aerial view, with an artistic touch, in that case, Ahmed Adel should be your one-stop destination.

A brief overview of his background 

He has been in the domain of fashion photography since 2009. An Egyptian by birth, he moved to Dubai in the year 2016 and presently is recognized as one of the best photographers as far as product photography is concerned and has contributed with his immense talent for the growth and prosperity of various ecommerce businesses. Besides, he has also made a name for himself as a corporate photographer and has played a very important role when it comes to promoting the brands and services of different companies.

Are you looking for a world-class e-commerce photographer in Dubai? Or a corporate photographer to capture your special moments for an event? Get in touch with him. He specializes in personal headshots, corporate portraits, office, and building photography, and various other niches.

Want to know more about him? Visit his official website, Tallphotographer.com where you will find his credentials and other features of his services that have made him special. You can also visit his instagram.com/tall_photographer.

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