Alcohol Vs ADHD in Houston, TX – Where is the Link?

ADHD is a mental condition that affects both kids and adults, with 4.4% of adults being affected and about 10% of kids struggling with it. What’s more, adults diagnosed with ADHD as kids are likely to struggle with Alcohol Use Disorder in adulthood.

But what is the connection between ADHD and alcoholism, and can it be fixed? To get relief from such conditions, it is necessary to liaise with a professional facility that cares for struggling alcoholics, such as Skyward Treatment.

Defining ADHD

This Refers to a neurological condition that affects the part of your brain responsible for executing functions. Some functions include memory, decision-making, concentration, focus and regulation of emotions.

Children with ADHD exhibit behavioral traits that interfere with their learning process. For adults, the consequences can be more severe, especially when they interfere with careers, family and relationships in every area of life.

Generally, ADHD has three subtypes that affect people at specific stages. The hyperactive subtype primarily affects children, while the inattentive subtype tends to affect adults more. The third subtype is a combination of both hyperactive and inattentive types.

Risk Factors

While the causes of ADHD remain primarily unknown, certain risk factors have been known to make those affected more susceptible. These include:

Patterns of Alcohol Use Disorder

You can tell when one is affected by AUD by their traits. These include:

Co-occurring AUD and ADHD

Both kids above 14 years and adults with ADHD are more likely to struggle with AUD compared to those who don’t have ADHD. The presence of these two conditions leads to dual diagnosis. Usually, ADHD comes first before alcohol abuse since many turn to alcohol as a suppressant due to its relaxing properties. However, most patients with ADHD get into alcohol abuse as a mental challenge and risky behavior hence binge drinking.

Unfortunately, this only leads to increased suffering. Continued use of alcohol in adults with ADHD only leads to increased suffering, as most people suffer from depression and anxiety.

What are the Risks Involved?

The combination of these two conditions only worsens issues. For example, it may trigger impulsive and inattentive behaviors. Some teens may also engage in early sexual behaviors due to it. Relationship issues and DUI arrests are also prevalent with these. On the other hand, it could also lead to high blood pressure, insomnia and increased heart rates.

Treatment Options and Solutions

Anyone with a dual diagnosis requires a comprehensive rehab program. This means that the help of exceptional facilities, like Skyward Treatment in Houston, TX, is advised. Usually, the options for treatment include but may not be limited to the following:

Feel free to reach out for assistance at Skyward Treatment centre. We are a call away and ready to help you or your loved one get back to an alcohol-free zone and manage their ADHD better.

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