Alex Mendieta success in life 

 Alex Mendieta success in life 

How to be successful in life? To get this million-dollar answer, we started going through for the most successful men there. At first, we began with billionaires like Warren Buffett, Elon Musk, late Steve Jobs, and the list continues. Nevertheless, we came to realize that we wanted to find someone our readers might be able to relate to. That’s why we will dig with Alex Mendieta’s famed work hard and play hard routines.

In several interviews, Alex gave a brief on how over the period, he has pulled out swiftly his work routine so that he had to work around 70 hours a week, going to the gym 3 times, go outside for dinners 4 times of the week, do a party like a rock star 2 nights and still get 1 day off. How does he handle everything in this way? Let’s find out.

Alex’s weekly routine


Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday: Alex illustrates that the main funda of his routine is to make the most of the first 3 days of the week. Here is how he does it. He begins work at the office around 10 am from Monday to Wednesday and doesn’t end till 1:30 am the following day. Each of these nights, he walks to the gym for weight lifting for 45 minutes.

Special Notes: He has his lunch and dinner at the office only. Moreover, the best part is his travel time from the workplace to home is less than 10 minutes for both ways. So, he can be in bed before 2 am.

Thursday, he starts work at 10 am and ends at 7 in the evening. Then come out for dinner and drinks and goes to bed around 1 am.

On Friday, his working hours are confined from 10 am to 6 pm. Then reach home to get ready for dinner and then go out for a gala night.

Saturday, he goes to the office in the late morning and does work for about 4 hours. If weather favors, he goes on a boat ride, takes a nap if needed in the afternoon, and then gets ready for dinner and spend a lavish night outside.

Sunday is a relaxed day. If the weather is sound and good, he will take the boat out with his friends. Alternatively, goes for a late lunch and relax for the rest of the day. Or out for dinner and enjoy nice red wine.

As you can see, working just for 70 hours a week and still have an amazing and successful life is not a joke. We must take advantage of the time and opportunity we get. We think he has the best life lead we have seen so far. We don’t feel like missing out on anything.

One thing is confirmed; anyone who follows Alex’s routine is for sure to be wealthy and enjoy all the extra cash. Who’s to say people started calling you a playboy too. Just keep in mind, never give up and keep working until you get a taste of success in life.

Teresa Martinez

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