All That You Should Know About VCE Exams

 All That You Should Know About VCE Exams

The VCE or Victorian Certificate of Education is a certificate that many students in Victoria get. They receive the certificate after they satisfactorily complete their secondary education. Meanwhile, the VCE gives several paths to train or study further at university and employment, while the course consists of many units and studies. And recently, the demand for VCEE tuition has been relatively high, especially in the areas of English language, Physics, Specialist Mathematics, Chemistry, History and Economics. So you can get effective VCE tutoring in the form of study guides online, and they cover different subjects like Chemistry, Maths Extension 1, Legal Studies, Maths Advanced, Business Studies, and Economics. The guides are made by prominent scholars like ChintanSapariya, Nicholas Nguyen, Caleb Burke, and Tracy Kuo.

The Structure of the VCE Course

VCE course structure comprises various units that require to be studied in a sequence. And a study refers to a subject, like Biology or Maths. It consists of four units, and every one of these units has the length of a semester. As such, the majority of the students finish VCE over the course of two years.

Generally, the first year will include units 1 and 2, while units 3 and 4 will be taken up in the second year. Students also have the choice to study unit 1 or 2 of a specific study as a stand-alone unit. But they should enrol in units 3 and 4 of the subjects as a sequence, and this sequence should be completed in a single year for a study score to be calculated. And generally, students will study from 20 to 24 units (5/6 studies) in years 11 and 12.

What Studies Can You Choose?

You have many study options in VCE, and these options allow you to pursue your passions and develop your skills. As such, there are more than 90 VCE studies, and apart from that, there are 20 VCE Vocational Education and Training programs that you can select from across disciplines like Mathematics, Technology, Humanities, and Languages.

Every school decides the kind of VCE studies and programs they will provide. As such, you can consider Distance Education Centre Victoria or discuss with your VCE coordinator to explore different options for yourself.

What Should You Do to Get Your VCE?

To successfully attain your VCE, you should complete 16 units. These also include

  • Three English group units and two of these units should be unit 3 and 4 sequences.
  • You should also complete three extra units, 3 and 4 sequences.

Usually, your professor will describe to you the differences that exist between the different English group studies. But you can also find out about them on your own by visiting the VCAA website. And you can finish the remaining units in any subject of interest to you. It can be an extra English group study that you take apart from your standard units to fulfil the minimum English requirement. In the end, your professor will determine whether you have appropriately completed a specific unit according to the work you submit and your compliance with the school rules and VCA.

So to achieve the best score, you can consider buying VCA tutoring study guides starting from $18, and you can purchase the guide in four payments of $4.50. Meanwhile, these guides are written by experts, so you’ll get quality study notes that will support you throughout your journey. The books are available in English and have all the critical concepts broken down for better understanding. And by studying from these guides, you can achieve your VCA and boost your academic prospects.

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