All you need to know about metal prints

 All you need to know about metal prints

Australia is known for its wide-open spaces, natural wonders, deserts, and beaches. The rich beauty of Australia can be captured if you enjoy photography. As per an article, Australia has more than 11000 professional photographers. Well, apart from photographers, there are many artists too. As per a survey, 98 per cent of Australians engage with the arts, and nearly 5 million paint, draw or create visual art. Whether you love art or photography, you can display your favourites with a metal print finish. So, you can find metal prints in Australia from stores providing them. But what exactly are they? To know everything about them, you can keep reading this article.

What are metal prints, and how do they work?

A metal print is a wall decor that combines black polyethylene core with aluminium sheets. It provides an industrial, modern, clean and high-definition look. The process begins as the artwork or photograph is printed on transfer paper coated with aluminium sheets. After placing the aluminium sheet and transfer paper on a heat press, the dyes from the paper are converted into gas. The dyes in the gaseous state are pressed onto the aluminium sheet’s surface and return to the solid state when the metal cools, resulting in graphics or text on the metal. You can ensure that they are a fantastic piece for your home and make the ideal gift for your family and friends.

What are the types of metal prints?

Many metal prints can meet your requirements and needs. These different types can add vibrancy and additional sheen to the photos or art pieces. Here are the following types of metal prints:

  • UV direct aluminium metal print: UV direct aluminium metal print is durable and appropriate for indoor and outdoor display. The colours and patterns are UV resistant and can withstand the effects of precipitation and sunlight. You can pick silver or white aluminium sheeting to soften the product’s sheen and brighten its luminosity.
  • HD-infused aluminium metal print: This metal print is easy to transfer, store and display because it is thin and lightweight. You can use the HD-infused aluminium metal prints for gallery prints. The colours and patterns are long-lasting and fade-resistant.
  • 3DHD aluminium infused metal prints: The 3DHD aluminium metal print can enhance digital prints by providing glare-free finish and scratch resistance. This metal print can resist chemicals as well.

What are the advantages of metal prints?

You can create spectacular art backdrops with metal prints rather than printing onto vinyl and paper. Since they are pretty famous, read on to know the benefits.

  • They can hold up against heat: Fire can have devastating consequences at your home or art gallery where your photographs or artwork are placed. But with the metal prints, you can ensure that they are resistant to fire. That’s not all; summers or locations with high temperatures can damage photographs, except for the ones with metal printing. Hence, this format is perfect and can hold up against the heat.
  • They can be maintained easily: It is a challenging task to maintain and clean them with most prints. But that’s not the case with metal prints! You can clean the printed surface without wiping off the graphics and text because of the aluminium sheet.
  • They don’t fade quickly: It is natural for the text or graphics to fade on paper or other prints, particularly if they are exposed to the sun for a prolonged time. With metal prints, you don’t have to be concerned about that since it takes a long time to fade. The process of fading will begin only after a hundred years of exposure to the sunlight.

Wrapping it up

You can search for metal prints in Australia from various online stores. You can ensure that they will become permanent and beautiful art pieces to remember for later years. Make sure you install them correctly on your gallery or the wall of your home.

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