All You Need to Know About Roadside Assistance Add-on in Bike Insurance

 All You Need to Know About Roadside Assistance Add-on in Bike Insurance


Two-wheelers are popular as they offer individuals freedom from dependency on public transport at affordable costs. However, two-wheelers are also exposed to several problems on the roads. Accidents and breakdowns are the most common, and this is why taking appropriate actions for securing the bike is important. Getting a bike insurance policy for your two-wheeler is one of the most effective solutions.

Buying two-wheeler insurance in India is a legal requirement to ride on the roads. There are two variants of bike insurance policies: a third-party liability plan that protects you from financial costs resulting from damage caused to third parties and a comprehensive bike insurance plan that provides both third-party coverage and own vehicle coverage.

You can also opt for additional features called add-ons to the plan. Add-ons provide additional coverage for specific situations. Among the different add-ons available, the roadside assistance add-on is one of the most sought ones for bike insurance policies.

What is Roadside Assistance in Bike Insurance?

Roadside assistance means the assistance you will get in the event your vehicle breaks down while you’re riding on the road. Insurance companies offer this add-on with their bike insurance policies to policyholders. This add-on is an emergency assistance service offered by insurers to bike owners to help them when they are stranded and no garage is close by.

The roadside assistance (RSA) cover is also known as a two-wheeler breakdown cover. Many insurers offer this add-on when you’ve decided to buy online bike insurance.

For instance, if you’ve decided to buy TATA AIG bike insurance, you can add this add-on to your plan when purchasing the bike insurance online. You will have to include the add-on when filling up the bike insurance details.

Just like other add-ons, adding the RSA will lead to a hike in your bike insurance cost. The RSA add-on cannot be bought alone or with a third-party liability plan. The plan is a service-based add-on designed to help bike owners.

How to claim bike insurance for your two-wheeler breakdown with the RSA cover?

The RSA cover is designed to assist bike owners wherever they are. As per the policy, the claim is dependent on the service offered. Therefore, you can file a claim for it by contacting the insurance company and requesting assistance. Your insurance company would then send a mechanic or arrange for the bike to be moved to a garage.

If the bike is taken to a garage and a significant amount of repair is required, the policyholder will have to discuss it with the insurance company based on the plan’s coverage. The process is mostly the same for all the insurers, although some differences are also seen.

Three reasons why you must include the 24×7 RSA add-on in your insurance plan

  1. Stress-free: You will be at peace when you know that your insurance company will be available to assist you if your bike breaks down during your journey. With the RSA cover, you can go for long drives on your two-wheeler without worrying about the problems you may face.
  2. Cost-effective: The RSA cover is quite affordable. Adding it to your insurance plan will only lead to a minor rise in the premium amount. Paying this small amount will keep you safe in the long run.
  3. Quick assistance: Through the RSA cover, you only need to inform your insurer about your location. Then they will quickly get a mechanic to the spot. If your bike cannot be repaired at your location, it will be moved to a garage near your location. With the RSA add-on, your insurance company will handle these problems.

What is included in the Roadside Assistance Cover?

The following instances are covered by the RSA add-on:

  1. Battery issues
  2. Tyre troubles
  3. Technical problems
  4. Towing facility
  5. Transportation
  6. Legal assistance
  7. Accommodation assistance

Summing up

If you’re a two-wheeler owner, besides getting a suitable two-wheeler insurance policy for your vehicle’s safety, you can opt for add-ons for other benefits. Out of the different add-ons available, the roadside assistance add-on is popular. You will get assured assistance in the event your bike breaks down while you’re on the road. It is an effective way to get out of a tough situation.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it worth having roadside assistance?

Yes, including the roadside assistance cover in your plan can be quite advantageous. The cover is available at an affordable additional cost and can be very useful if your bike breaks down while you are on the road.

  1. What is the best roadside assistance plan?

There are multiple roadside assistance plans offered by insurance companies in India. To choose the best plan, you must carefully read through the offerings of the plans and choose the one that matches your requirements.


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