Amazing facts about Elizabeth I to increase your GK

Cult of personality

Elizabeth was considered to be people’s queen. When she became the queen of England, her advisors started to campaign in the countryside for increasing the fame of the queen. Well, they aimed to create flattering portraits of gods and goddess-like Dianne and Venus. The classic details of the statue touched the hearts of people, which is why Elizabeth become the most famous queen of her times.

She achieved her aim, and yes, this idea of building statues seems to work. After all, she reigns for over 40 years.

Rejected the attempts to force marriage

It’s not unheard of that Queen Elizabeth was titledthe virgin queen because of her virginity. Elizabeth was adamant. She always stood up in favour of her stance and never gave up until the victory. 

Many courtiers and royal family members forced her to marry someone else. Although, the teen refused to do so even at her last breath. After all, she was a dedicated ruler who was motivated for public welfare.

Affairs of Elizabeth I

Of course, she married her country, but even after being called a virgin queen, Elizabeth seems to have all sorts of affairs with other kings and princess outside the kingdom. Becoming a maiden never helped her to get prevented from all kinds of rumours.

Some books speak about the love story of her with the British sailors and navigators. But one of the most accepted was the affair with her childhood friend ‘Robert Dudley’. She rejected the proposal of marriage with other kings yet, was always ready to marry Robert.

More time for dressing

Elizabeth I is the only queen in England’s history who took more than hours to dress. It took the ladies more than 2-3 hours to dress and undress her for just one royal family event. As she aged, it became even worse than ever before. 

From makeups to wearing jewellery would add up more into the time slot. Elizabeth was very concerned about her looks and used to spend 4 hours a day just to present herself in front of the courtiers.

Other’s women were forced to look plain

As mentioned earlier, Elizabeth is the queen of beauty who is also worried about her dressing styles. To make it go easy, the queen ordered the other ladies in the kingdom to wear pale and light-coloured clothes so that she would shine out unique and outstanding from all the females.

The dress code for other ladies except the queen uses to be black or white, which makes them pale and dull. Even though being a guilty pleasure, she wanted to be the only one to grab people’s attraction in the court. So, even the prettiest of lady, rather look homeless or ugly.

She had a sweet tooth

Back in those days, sweet products were pretty much costly for the lower class. It was only possible for the upper class to get a delicious treat of sweet creams and cakes. Well, Elizabeth uses this opportunity to its fullest. 

Due to overeating sweets, her tooth started to decay. Maybe, this is the reason why she never smiled with her mouth wide open.

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