Are There any New Small Business Grants During this COVID-19 Crisis

 Are There any New Small Business Grants During this COVID-19 Crisis

Almost everywhere in the world, businesses are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic – with all the lockdowns and quarantines in place, most businesses are either shut down or operate at a limited capacity. With the “new normal” poised to happen in the coming months, more businesses might become affected as other industries are expected to decline, such as international travel and tours, hotel and leisure, entertainment, or amusement parks and the likes.

As things look bleak for the economy, loans and assistance are available for affected businesses, but some believe that this crisis is the best time for new small businesses to rise up and eventually flourish in the “new normal” and eventually aid in the respective community’s economy. Ideas are hatched as people stay at home, discover new talents and abilities, such as culinary skills, arts and crafts, and for some, delivery and courier services. These are but a small portion of the possibilities for new small businesses.

Fortunately for potential entrepreneurs, start-up business grants are available. The Small Business Administration is one of the best places to check for availability and existing new business grants. During this time of the pandemic, you can take the opportunity to read up on the requirements for applications.

Use the time you have on your hands to prepare for business plans especially if you have been able to do a trial run of your startup business. Make feasibility studies and strategies for growing your business as you prepare for the application process. If you are unable to do a trial run for your business, try the idea out on a few friends and see if this business prospect has a future. A few ideas can be home-baked goods, or home-cooked food for delivery, jewelry and accessories, home decors, and all other small-scale businesses that will not need a lot of manpower or a huge facility.

In your preparations for application, remember to check your credit rating as well because this is a factor in your start-up business grant application. Among the other factors are descriptions or an essay on what sets your business apart and why you should win the grant. These preparations can become quite tedious and it is one of the biggest hurdles in grant applications.

If you need further assistance on how to prepare for grant applications, New USA Grants is a company that helps applicants research on requirements of different grant-giving bodies. They also assist in preparation for the requirements, giving expert advice on how to get a winning chance for the new business grant.

 New USA Grants offers a money-back guarantee if your grant application is denied. This way, you are assured that your startup business grant has a big chance of winning because they will do their very best to assist you in the application process.

If you are excited at the prospect of starting a new business after the pandemic, begin by looking for available grant-giving bodies during this crisis. New USA Grants has a wide database that can provide you access to check on which ones are currently open for application. Grab the opportunity to help your local economy and find new ways to earn money as you stay at home and keep safe and healthy. Please visit here for more details:

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