Are watches no longer a necessity?

 Are watches no longer a necessity?

Styling yourself for a date, day at work, or even for lounging around the house doesn’t have to be boring. Instead, decide which mood you want to portray for the occasion and then plan from top to bottom or even plan based on which accessories you’d like to wear.

Planning the perfect outfit

Pants –

Base the bottom half of your outfit on how the weather is outside. If it’s a warm summer evening, opt for shorts or a skirt to show off your nicely tanned legs.

If you’re planning a daytime activity and you know it’s work-related, it’s best to choose a nice pair of slacks that will compliment your work activities.

Before grabbing any ‘bottom’ item from your closet ask yourself these questions:

  • Should my bottoms be the focal point of my outfit or just an addition to it?
  • Do I want to wear patterns or solid?
  • Which bottoms are right for the occasion? Will I need to be bending over a lot? – if so pants are best instead of a skirt.

Shoes –

Most stylists recommend choosing your shoes first and then picking out an outfit to match. This is great advice for anyone who is going out on a date or having a guys/girls night. Remember to wear shoes you can comfortably walk in and that offer support if you plan to stand for long periods at a time.

Accessories –

Accessories can dress up or down an outfit. If you’re wanting something more casual, pairing your outfit with a nice watch like a Tissot or Rolex is a great option. While many people may say that watches have gone out of style, I say they simply don’t know how to wear them!

A watch is a necessity if you’re at work or on a date and don’t want to pull out your phone to get in trouble or seem rude, yet need to know what the local time is.

If you want something a bit more glam, pair your outfit with a bag, earrings, necklace, and rings.

Tops –

If you’ve already chosen your shoes and the bottoms that fit your occasion, it’s time to choose a top that also compliments. If you decided on a solid color for bottoms – go for a patterned top.

If it’s a bit cooler outside, try something ¾ sleeved or grab a cardigan or coat to throw over top of a short sleeve.

Teresa Martinez

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