Are You Ready For The End Of The Financial Year, And The Possibility Of A Tax Bill?

 Are You Ready For The End Of The Financial Year, And The Possibility Of A Tax Bill?

2020 asked a lot of Australians, especially those who found themselves without work or shifting into a new industry. Regardless, the end of the financial year doesn’t have to be a harbinger of stress, if your self-reporting or tax declarations aren’t organised to standard come June 30th. Spondooli is here to help with a short-term and instant payday advance for those who find themselves with a tax bill as opposed to a return, and their expertise in repayment scheduling will give you the relief to get on top of your financial management without hassle! 

It is important to think your way through your tax bill and seek expertise where repayments are necessary. We all hit the panic button when we see the words “tax” and “owed” in the same sentence but the very fact you received a tax bill means you are gainfully employed and just need a strategy. This is why it’s pivotal to deal with non-bank lenders who are geared towards the lesser amounts and can provide them with speed because delays in repayments are half the stress! Spondooli knows this and thats why they’ve designed an application process that is rapid and thorough.

Other words that aren’t desirable are “paper-work” and “credit-history” which are two traditional barriers to entry upheld by the banks, which you won’t find with Spondooli. As long as you can produce a payslip proving your full-time employment, you can have the nominated funds transferred within hours taking the pressure off and allowing you to work through your repayment strategy in phases. Spondooli’s eligibility criteria protects clients from any predatory lending practises that have marred the industry, thanks to lesser reputable players. 

The good news is, Spondooli have gone the extra mile to remedy this by employing a vetting process for each applicant that requires them to: be 18 years of age, provide recent bank statements and be in a full-time role. Although it may not seem like much, this criteria has ensured thousands of happy customers Australia wide, who were able to engage with these reputable players in a positive and risk-adjusted manner that achieved their repayment goals. A client satisfaction rating of 98% is no accident!

Tax debt can be a serious matter, but it can also be an easy fix. If you are light on discretionary funds to reconcile your tax bill, you will feel at ease knowing there is a personable and bespoke lender ready to loan you up to $5,000 with a repayment schedule aligned with your pay-cycle. Moreover, a tax bill may have increased the financial burden on another area of your budget and therefore you may need the flexibility to choose where to spend your payday advance.

Spondooli’s application process is set up to help you bolster your financial position as they are not in the business of asking or telling you how to spend the loan. They understand the temperamental nature of each individual’s financial position and give you the advance to spend how you see fit whereas traditional bank-lenders will ask for thorough description.

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