Tennis is a special sport that requires very high adaptability and strong reflexes at the same time. Only a few seconds pass between when the player sees the ball and runs to it, reaches out, and hits it. Another tennis player knows where to hit the floor and how to bounce when the ball is hit from the opposite side and takes position accordingly. This high tension and speed necessitate both the perfect level of the ground and the safety of the players. At this point, artificial grass tennis courts have been accepted as the most reliable solution in the world. The tennis player’s ankles, which are always ready for sudden movements, are going to only be safe on a quality synthetic grass tennis court and a homogeneously applied sandblasting technique suitable for playing tennis, which is mounted on an absolutely flat and well-prepared ground.

Are Artificial Grass Tennis Court Prices Affordable?

Artificial grass tennis court prices are affordable for many people in different economical backgrounds. But it depends on dimensions and needs in tennis courts. Apart from the dimensions of 18m x 36m as professional tennis courts, smaller amateur courts are built in areas where professional tennis matches are not held such as schools, sites, hotels, etc. It can be built in two ways as an open tennis court and an indoor tennis court. Avengrass completes all the application stages from the beginning to the end, such as infrastructure, ironworks, lighting, wire mesh, synthetic grass carpet laying, and build tennis courts on a turnkey basis. This company produces tennis court carpets from 15mm artificial grass pile height to 30mm artificial grass pile height for tennis courts with a synthetic grass floor. The most preferred synthetic grass carpet pile height in tennis court construction is 22mm, 26mm, and 30mm, and it is produced as tile and green in color.

Artificial Grass Tennis Court Maintenance Costs 

The most important factor which has affected the cost of synthetic grass and tennis court is the choice of whether the tennis court is going to be outdoor or indoor. If the employer is willing to have an indoor tennis court, many factors such as the roof system to be applied, the quantity, the type of lighting, the choice of synthetic grass carpet to be applied on the ground affect the cost. In addition to these factors, the quality of the flooring system is one of the most crucial points in tennis court construction. Because if you have chosen natural grass as a flooring system, you need to spend extra money in order to keep the first-day fresh appearance. But artificial grass tennis court maintenance costs are so much affordable than natural ones. There are very few of them which are expensive to maintain and build moreover it requires good drainage. However, it is a fast field for the game.

If we need to mention the advantages of the artificial grass tennis court, it is so easy to clean and long-lasting. This product has a strong resistance to any kind of circumstance. For instance, it does not fade or wear out if you use it on outdoor tennis courts. It is extremely comfortable to use and does not require special care. It is cleaned by washing with water and sweeping. As it protects the underlying layer such as asphalt or concrete from sunlight, it prevents deterioration. It has an average lifespan of 8 years. At the end of this period, you can have a brand new court with only the renewal of the last floor, that is, with a small expense. This system can also be used in recreational areas such as playgrounds, walking paths.


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