Basic Water Heater Tips for Every Homeowner

 Basic Water Heater Tips for Every Homeowner

When people invest in their hot water heater, they might not even think about the temperature. Why are hot water heaters set at a certain temperature? What is the purpose of this? By understanding a few of the basics when it comes to water heaters, people can actually save quite a bit of money.

Therefore, there are a few basic tips about water heaters that everyone should keep in mind. This might prevent serious repair bills down the road and could even save people some money on their energy costs.

1. The Water Heater is Set Too High

First, some people might be surprised to learn that their water heater is set too high. Why not go to the faucet and turn it on? Then, turn up the heat as high as it will go.

If this is too hot, then the heater itself is set too high. If people will not shower at this temperature, there is no reason to have it this hot. Many people have their heater set at 140 degrees F when it is just fine to keep it at 120 degrees F.

2. Turning Down the Heater Will Not Promote Bacteria

One of the reasons why people set their water heater to 140 degrees F is that they are afraid that turning it down will cause bacterial growth. In reality, the regulatory authorities say this isn’t entirely true. 120 degrees F is still considered a safe water temperature for most people.

3. Trust the Professionals for Water Heater Repair

If something goes wrong with the water heater, it is important to trust the professionals. Water heater repair can be a serious fix and it is important to make sure this job is performed correctly on the first attempt.

Teresa Martinez

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