Becoming a Pharmacy Technician Without Any Training

 Becoming a Pharmacy Technician Without Any Training

Being a Pharma Franchise Company technician is as important as any job position in a pharmacy. The requirements needed for a pharmacy technician is knowing the first thing about working in one. They are expected to know what needs to be done, the rules and regulations, and of course the basic knowledge regarding medications. Even though they offer many resources regarding training as a pharmacy technician it is usually not a requirement. In other words, you can become one without any form of training.

There are states that allow you to work as a pharmacy technician without any prior training. Of course, not all states follow the same rules. But there are many that are not strict at all. Some states do require that you follow within their jurisdiction by being registered as a Pharmacy Technician first. In other states like Colorado, New York and Hawaii to name a few do not require you to be registered. All you need is to apply for the job in order to be hired. The Pharmacist will train you or the Lead Pharmacy Technician. You can also be trained through an in-house training program which is very convenient for those who have children. Usually, these states have a small or private owned business that allows on the job training.

If it’s not the pharmacist it’s usually the lead pharmacy technician that is expected to do the training instead. The trainee is required to observe various duties that last for a few hours or a few days. After he or she is done with their observations then the trainee is allowed to their jobs with close supervision of course. Once the pharmacy technician is capable of doing the job independently then there will be less supervision needed. He or she will be trained for a period of 6 months or longer. If the pharmacy is a larger retailer or a mail-order pharmacy then it requires more formal training. The purpose of this training is to prepare the pharmacy technician to be certified.

States like Alabama, Georgia, Kansas, Main, Nevada, and New Jersey to name a few require you to be registered in their state’s Board of Health. But no need for a license or training. In order to become registered in these states is through paying an application fee that ranges from $25- $150. You also required a background check, proof of identity, and a high school degree or GED. Any other state not mentioned needs to be certified first before working in a pharmacy.

Even though it doesn’t require any training you still have to pass a pharmacy technician exam. This is a standardized exam also known as ExPT. This type of exam is very difficult to pass, especially if you’re not prepared or lack work experience in the field. There are websites you can go to that are free, but there are some that charge a fee. You can also check on books online or in bookstores. It usually requires a textbook, lab book, medical terminology dictionary, and flashcards.

If you want to pursue this type of field then you need to be self-motivated to do so. It takes that much patience and you have to be driven to pass the exam. The exam is no piece of cake or a walk in the park. You really need to discipline yourself when it comes to passing the pharmacy technician exam. One thing that’s for sure is that this type of field will never run out.

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