Benefits of Using an Online Phone System

 Benefits of Using an Online Phone System

IP PBX, also known as IP PABX, is a complete telephone system that uses IP data networks to make and receive calls. The entire communication is sent across the network as data packets.

Not only does this technology have improved communication capabilities, but it also has a high level of scalability and reliability. The PBX may also connect to ordinary PSTN lines through an optional gateway, making it very easy to modernize regular internal communications utilizing this cutting-edge the virtual phone system!


Setting up and configuring it is easier than with a proprietary phone system

In the same way that software on a computer may take advantage of the computer’s capabilities, user interface, and Windows operations, a PBX can do the same. When you pick a PBX as your communications system, it can be set up and administered by anybody who is familiar with networks and computers. On the other hand, a proprietary internet phone system usually demands the aid of a competent installer!

Web-based communication interfaces (GUIs) are more user-friendly

You may easily maintain and fine-tune your telephone system using a web-based configuration interface, sometimes known as a GUI. Proprietary telephone systems, which are frequently designed for usage by technicians, feature difficult-to-use interfaces.Using VoIP operators might save you a lot of money.

With a VoIP service provider and a PBX, long-distance and international calls are simple to make. On a monthly basis, the savings are significant. You may easily link phone systems and make free phone calls between them if you have many locations.

Wiring for telephones is no longer in use

Using an IP switchboard, SIP phones may be directly linked to a computer port (which it can share with the adjacent computer). Softphones are software that may be installed directly on your computer. Removing telephone wire and adding or transferring extensions has never been easier. In new workplaces, there is no longer any obligation to connect extra ports for the office telephone system.

Lack of trust in manufacturers and brands

PBXs make advantage of the open SIP protocol. You may use any SIP phone or software-based phone with any SIP-based PBX, PSTN gateway, or VoIP service. In order to use complex features, a proprietary phone system typically requires proprietary phones and plug-ins.


Patented technologies are rapidly becoming outdated. Adding more phone lines involves the purchase of expensive modules on a regular basis. A new telephone system will be necessary in some cases. If you go with a PBX system, you won’t have to worry about that! A typical computer can handle a large number of phone lines and extensions; simply purchase additional phones to expand your network!

Both customer service and productivity have increased

A PBX system can help you improve customer service while also increasing efficiency. Because IP telephone networks are increasingly computer-based, you may combine telephone operations into your business applications. When you receive a call from a correspondent, for example, you may show their customer record immediately, greatly improving customer service and cutting expenses by reducing the amount of time spent on each interaction. So that the user does not have to dial a phone number, outgoing calls can be made directly from Outlook. If you use a PBX, your employees’ productivity will rise.


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