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Best Choices for the Fine Betting Choices

To follow this strategy requires special sensitivity and a good dose of courage when betting. The profit can be significant, so the higher your bet the higher the profit will be. It is the difficult market for points in basketball in live matches, more specifically in the over (more).


What happens is that in a basketball match the odds on the over or under market (more or less) certain points are established taking into account the average points that the teams make in home or away games. The average of points in the league itself is also taken into account when the bookmakers establish the odds and the points that a certain team can score (more or less).

The market we are talking about is not the total points of both teams, but only the favorite points for the match. You should bet on the over. In the Judi Online  you can expect the best there.


But when? We proceed to explain

The points for that market relate to the average, but certain games run better to favorite teams than others. There is a slight delay with regard to the real points of the team and those who are in that over market. If a team starts a game well and at the end of the first period ends with 26 points, the over for that team’s total points in the match will still be around 78.5 or 79.5. It is in exploiting that small delay that we can make money.


Do not forget to bet only on the favorite teams at the start to win the match and only on the over. If you don’t know which the favorite is, you can check the odds for the final result. Usually they indicate what it is. For example, if one team has only 6 more points than the other and their odds for winning is 1.20, it is because they are the favorite to win the match.

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