Best Choices for the Green Exam Now

 Best Choices for the Green Exam Now

According to the classification of the construction or renovation, LEED presents the requirements that must be followed to obtain certification. In addition, there are different levels of LEED established through a scoring system. To achieve certification, it is necessary to achieve a minimum of 40 points. Know these all as you make your preparation from the Green Exam.

Maximum performance is 100 points:

  • LEED Certified – for buildings that reach between 40 and 49 points
  • LEED Silver – buildings that make between 50 and 59 points
  • LEED Gold – for buildings that reach between 60 and 79 points
  • LEED Platinum – for those who score 80 or more points
  • Building optimizations can have up to 70 strategies to become sustainable

LEED is always in the process of updating, so you should always check which the latest version of certification is.

In here, the assessment for obtaining the certificate is carried out by the Green Building Council. Some of the prerequisites for the LEED seal are:

Minimum program criteria: these are basic requirements that consider the legislation in force at the state, municipal and federal levels.

Efficiency in water use: LEED certification requirements for adding strategies to reduce consumption and reuse water.

Sustainable space: requirements that consider improvements in large centers, such as the creation of bike lanes and bike racks.

Materials and resources: requirements that consider the use of “clean” materials (that do not generate polluting residues) and the existence of recyclable collection points.

Energy and atmosphere: LEED certification requirements for the use of innovative and more efficient energy sources (such as economical lamps and gas generators).

Internal environmental quality: requirements that consider well-being in closed environments, analyzing the control of the emission of volatile products (such as paints and varnishes) and others.

Project innovation: LEED requirements that assess the adoption of innovative and sustainable solutions.

To this end, the USGBC establishes education measures to present the best green building practices for the industry. In addition, the organization brings tools and strategies to managers and project teams interested in building sustainability.

There are also committees, conferences and Greenbuild, which is a renowned exhibition fair outside the country. Have all these information present at the Green Associate Exam now.

How to obtain LEED certification?

To obtain LEED certification for an enterprise, you must register it with the USGBC. The registration will only be confirmed if there is compliance with the requirements presented above.

Is there any cost?

To obtain certification with the USGBC, some fees are charged, in dollars, and are separated by categories. Each certifying professional has a different need.

See which one fits your need:

Project Registration: varies between U $ 900 and U $ 1200;

Project analysis: the cost is calculated per square meter and varies between U $ 2000 and U $ 20000;

Work certification: it is similar to the project analysis, as it is calculated according to the size of the work and varies between U $ 750 and U $ 5000.

It is worth remembering that all the bureaucratic part of costs can be done through a consultant with LEED certificate.

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