Best Ways To Track Your Shipping Containers

 Best Ways To Track Your Shipping Containers

Thousands of goods are shipped and received every day from every port. Have you ever wondered how all of these goods are managed and delivered to the desired destination? 

Well, everything works within a rule and there is a process for every movement. Containers that are shipped can be tracked too. This article covers everything you need to know regarding the tracking of your shipping containers. 

What is Meant By Container Tracking?

A container tracking system is a tool that allows you to know the details of your shipped container. You can know about several details such as the port name or which part of the world your container will pass through before being delivered to the destination.

Every single minute, something new is being developed in the virtual world that would help the life of sapiens easier in this real world. With advancing technology, we can look up online and find several tools too. You can even find the exact coordinates of where your shipment is. With too many large corporations rapidly shifting to automated container tracking solutions, the market for any such software has boomed.

The tracking sites update the status of every moment of your container. Some of them are:

  • Status of the container while it’s on its way to its merchandise pickup.
  • Status of container arrival on the terminal before the clearance.
  • Status of the container just after being loaded at the origin.
  • Status of the container departure from origin.
  • Status of the container while the vessel is ready to be transported through other means to reach its destination.
  • Status of the container once being delivered at the required destination.

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Commonly Related Terms with Container Tracking

To track a container location all you will be needing is the container number/bill of loading and the shipping line. Here are some of the commonly related terms you will bump into while tracking your shipment:

  • ETD- Estimated Time of Departure
  • ETA- Estimated Time of Arrival
  • T/S- Transhipment (arrival of the container in transit and waiting for departure to the destination)
  • POL- Port Of Loading-  port where the container is loaded.
  • POD- Port Of Discharge- port where the container will be unloaded for delivery to the consignee.

How Container Tracking System Works?

The goal of tracking software is to provide real-time container tracking. Now the question here is how to use the container tracking system. Well, most of the container tracking systems use remote satellite systems. GPS tracking devices, such as those found in most automobiles, can also be used. Anyone can directly track the precise location of a shipment using basic tools that can be simply mounted on the shipping container itself. This makes tracking ship containers with this software a lot easier.

Many corporations, on the other hand, now offer their own individual container tracking systems, allowing them to track the precise location of their container at any time. This can be expressed in a variety of ways, including via the internet, a GPS tracking system, or satellite imaging. Customers are also informed about the position of their packages using a tracking system that is most convenient for them.

Benefits Of Container Tracking

There are many benefits of container tracking. Some of them are highlighted below:

  • ROI – The container tracking system helps users to determine the ROI. While going with any container system,manu companies love to do research on ROI.
  • Less Additional Costs – The second benefit of employing container tracking is, it cuts down the additional costs. 
  • No Chance of Theft – lastly, there is zero chance of theft and losses as the whole shipment is monitored using a tracking device by the company itself.

That’s all! Here we have mentioned all about the shipping containers. Shipping is indeed a complex procedure and container tracking software comes as a rescue.

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