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CADA has made an open call to everyone interested in a worldwide exhibition which will be held online as a group show over their homepage. This online exhibition is open to all interested candidates all over the world and the exhibition will come to be called Quantum Leap. CADA helps in establishing an interaction between artists, scholars, designers, investors, and decision-makers from different parts of Asia and America. The aim of the exhibition by CADA is to provide a vast platform for the display of diverse cultural and artistic activities.

What Originated The Idea Of The Exhibition?

The idea of the exhibition was adopted originally from a concept within quantum mechanics. This concept is coined as the Atomic Electron Transition or the Quantum Jump. When it comes to the mechanical terms, the changes that take place from step to step transition seem discontinuous as the electrons soar from one energy level to the other. But, in order to jump from one energy level to another, the electrons need to absorb some amount of energy as they move towards the higher-energy state from the ground state. This entire process is coined as the qualitative mutation.

What Does The Exhibition Plan On Achieving?

The exhibition is planned to act as a platform where art and their artists from all over the world come together and display their talents. With the help of the exhibition,the artistic language will be used and visualized to exhibit the miscellaneous qualitative changes that have come forward in our daily lives. The exhibition will mark as a platform where the artists will be showcasing the changes that have occurred to them. These changes are more likely to be emotional and may not focus on the physical differences that have come across over time.

How Will The Exhibition Help In Bringing Artists Together?

The exhibition aims at creating a platform where the artists would be able to display and express the changes that they have faced as a result of a mutation in their daily lives. Observing changes and coming across experiences and discovering something new is a great way to boost creativity. Thus, with the help of the mutations or changes in life, it is almost certain for a ton of new experiences to come into the life of the artists. Thus, the exhibition eagerly awaits an outburst of intense creativity from all the participating artists from all over the world.

The exhibition also aims at pointing out the events in our daily lives that may lead to an important chain of events that may happen with our lives. With the exhibition, discussing such changes is also done. The movement projected by Quantum Leap at is to interpret the advancement and changes brought on to us by life in an artistic language.

Paul Watson

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