Building a Cardio Program: How to Test and Plan Your Client’s Workout

 Building a Cardio Program: How to Test and Plan Your Client’s Workout

When it comes to planning a workout program for your client, it’s a difficult step. Different humans have different capacity and recovery speed. A single plan can’t be performed on all of your clients. It’s a very difficult step for your client, especially if it’s a beginner. For beginners, it is a very important thing to choose the right cardio training program. If your client does not have strong cardiovascular fitness, then it can be very difficult for them to manage the effect of your training. Before choosing a training program for your client, it is very important to test their cardiovascular condition. Needless to say, they need to be assessed for different types of training sessions by stepping into their shoes.

How to test your client’s recovery speed?

Before making the perfect cardio training program for your clients, some tests need to be followed. You can check your client’s cardiovascular recovery rate by using these two methods i.e, direct and indirect. Generally, indirect testing is sufficient for the public. Direct testing is used for clients that are more advanced and athletic.

  • Indirect testing

Indirect testing involves everything that needs to be considered before performing any excessive physical activity. It includes simple tests that are required to check resting heart rates and other screening processes. The best practice to check the resting heart rate is to check your client’s heart rate while your client is sitting peacefully. There are three kinds of fitness levels described as low fitness level, high fitness level, and average fitness level. You can calculate the heart rate using your index finger and middle finger by calculating how much the heart beats every 15 seconds by multiplying it by 4. According to this, you can calculate how to fit your client’s cardiovascular condition is.

  • Direct testing

Indirect testings include everything that involves physical work for checking their recovery speed. If your clienat is involving in more physical activities, then they must be having a higher recovery rate, to check these, you can take some test and can make their workout plan accordingly. The most important test includes in the direct tests are 1.5 mile-run and Bruce treadmill tests. Under both these assessments, you can have a clear image of your client’s recovery rate. As there are different weight loss plans for women, they also need to pass different assessments for a perfect cardio training plan.

  • Training programs for different stages

After assessing your clients carefully, now is the time to start their real training program. You cannot perform the same program on all the clients. You have to identify your clients into three stages, such as beginners, average, and advanced. After identifying them into different categories, you have to start noting their response to your program. As there are different weight loss plans for women, their training plans are also different. You have to check how much of them are responding to your training and at what speed. After that, you need to speed up their training slowly by gradually increasing their level.

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