Buy a fast mobile charger: everything you need to consider

There are more and more mobile phones with fast charging capabilities. Besides, 7 out of 10 people currently have more than one smartphone operational. So, charging them at the same time is a bit tedious. To solve this problem, you can buy simicore charging station. With this equipment, you can charge your smart devices on a single platform. If you have one tablet and two smartphones, charging them at the same time seems like a headache to you. Well, not any more. Go online and buy simcore charging stations right now. If you want to buy a charger of this type, here is everything you should take into account when choosing a compatible model for your mobile.

To reduce charging times, manufacturers propose fast battery charging. The solution is convenient for both manufacturers and users, but it has a slight drawback: if you want to benefit from this fast charge anywhere, you will always need to carry the quick charger provided by the brand or buy a quick charger for the mobile phone that you can always leave at home, at work, etc. Buying simcore charging stations offers you a fast charging option for your smart devices at the same time.

What is fast charging?

We could bore you with technical details and mathematical formulas on electrical power and voltage, but to simplify the explanation a little we can say that fast charging consists of supplying the battery with a greater charge power so that it takes less time to complete its charging cycle. Fast charging is not linear, it is dynamic. At the beginning, when the battery is empty, the charge is made to the maximum of the power allowed by the battery, to gradually lower that power as it approaches 100% of its capacity. It is important that this process is carried out in the proper way since, otherwise, an increase in power during fast charging could dangerously increase the temperature, with the risk that it will explode or reduce its useful life considerably. Hence the importance of having a reliable and compatible fast charger.

Fast charging for all tastes

To the already historical controversy about the convenience or not of using non-original chargers to charge the mobile, is added that caused by the mobile chargers and the compatibility or not between the different fast charging systems that manufacturers implement. Before continuing, it is important to know that not all fast charging systems work in the same way and, therefore, not all fast charging chargers are compatible with mobile phones. There are more generic fast charging systems that have been developed by the manufacturers, which can be used in different models from different manufacturers that have this fast charging system activated in their processors.

Third-party and multi-connector chargers

In stores you will find compatible fast chargers that, despite not being the original of the brand of your smartphone, will serve to charge your mobile in a very short time. These chargers can integrate several connection ports where you can charge several devices simultaneously. This is an advantage since it allows you to charge your mobile and a powerbank at the same time.

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