Can I Reverse a Divorce?

 Can I Reverse a Divorce?

can an uncontested divorce be reversed

This thing called love can be so overwhelming. You have your partner in your face. You are trying to adjust to the fact that you now have to make decisions for two, considerations for two. You are tired and need a break. You wanted it all to stop. It was choky, so you wanted some fresh air. Perhaps, the “single” lifestyle is what fits you. However, having spent some time alone, it dawns on you. The holes your partner filled. You realized there is more than you can handle. You reevaluate things; you see that you still love your (ex)spouse dearly. But how did you get to the point of divorce? Perhaps it was only a misunderstanding handled poorly. So, you really want them back. You want to renegotiate, settle things, make new rules and renew the vows. It is not a strange thing to most Callahan law firm. Here is what to do.

Withdraw Petition:

Usually, divorce is a long process. So, while it is still underway, you can withdraw your petition before the proceeding begins. Just go to the court, tell the clerk that you want a petition. If the clerk hasn’t even filed it yet, then you can withdraw it.

Mutually Sign a Form for Voluntary Dismissal:

If already begun, you might still have the chance to file papers for voluntary dismissal of divorce. That depends on how much things have gone and your involvement, of course. To understand the methods and timeline for divorce reconciliation, you really should get to a good Callahan law firm, speak to a divorce attorney and ask for clarifications.

What if the Law Court Has Finalized it?

If, unfortunately, the process has gone so far that it is too late to withdraw or dismiss, then the marriage is coming to a closure. Otherwise, if it hadn’t been finalized, you could ask the court to not rule on the settlement. Usually, in most states, there is a 30-day allowance permitted by the law for either of the spouses to file a post-trial motion for relief from judgment. If that time is past, sadly, that is the end of that union.


If the decree is passed and the waiting period allowed by the court is beyond, then you can start a new marriage proceeding. Be sure to understand what your state laws say concerning remarriage. To make sure you tick all boxes while being on the law, it is best to talk to a practitioner from a reputable Callahan law firm, for professional counsel.

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