Casino Game Odds: The Best and the Worst Revealed

 Casino Game Odds: The Best and the Worst Revealed

Over 60% of Americans have gambled at some point. Some are winning and some are losing, but we’d place our bets on you wanting to be the winning kind of gambler.

If you’re new to gambling, it can be hard to choose a game. You want something fun and exciting, but a lot of casino games are intimidating if you haven’t been properly introduced to them. Here are some of the best casino game odds for beginning gamblers who want the best experience possible at the casino.

Your Best Odds

The types of casino games with the best odds are the ones played at a table. However, you’ll want to avoid the Texas Hold Em games unless you have a lot of experience and could hold your own against the regular casino goers.

Instead, try these games with low house edges and other benefits that make them easier to win.


Blackjack typically has a house edge of one percent, making it the game with the best odds. It also helps that instead of playing against other players who may be more seasoned and knowledgable than you, you’re only playing against the dealer. At poker tables, a novice will quickly be spotted by the advanced players and taken advantage of.

Start your blackjack game in the afternoon when fewer people are playing so that the dealer can walk you through it with a little more attention. Then, by the time other people come you can win money without embarrassing yourself.

Of course, in order to have any odds at winning at all, you’ll need to know the basics of blackjack and some tips for a good game. TrustGeeky can help you with understanding and mastering blackjack.


Your odds at winning the dice game, Craps, is about 50-50. It’s a relatively simple game based on betting on dice numbers, so don’t let the high energy of the table intimidate you. You’re more likely to win there than at some of the slower-paced games.


As long as you stick to one color, you have a 50-50 chance of winning at the Roulette Wheel. This game is very popular for its ease, and with a few tricks, you can walk away with a lot of money. It’s a bit of a risk, but place your bets all on one number for the biggest payout.

Your Worst Odds

One of the most popular casino games has the worst odds of winning. People trick themselves by playing them a lot and thinking that they’re accomplishing something. But you can’t get better at these games of chance, and they have the worst house edge.

Slot Machines

Slot machines are easy. You pull the lever and the game plays itself. There are flashing lights and creative themes that keep the game fun. But your odds of winning are very low with a house edge of 10 percent!

If you absolutely love slot machines for the thrill of the chance, there are ways to make playing a little more worth it. Skip the penny slots and opt instead for the slot machines with better odds like the $1 and $5 slots. Even at the penny slots, put in the max so that if you do happen to win you’ll get the best possible payout.

Casino Game Odds for the Casual Gambler

Of course, if there’s a game you’re really good at, you should stick to that one. But the above games have great odds for any kind of casino goer. Skip the slot machines and go for the fun, interactive, and rewarding table games next time you go to a casino.

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