CBSE Is All Set To Launch Online Teacher Training Programs To Help Improve Learning Outcomes

 CBSE Is All Set To Launch Online Teacher Training Programs To Help Improve Learning Outcomes

Currently, Governments across the world have temporarily closed educational institutions to contain COVID-19. In India, the schools and colleges have been shut as a precaution. The situation has resulted in rapid adaptation of eLearning technology by the students & teachers alike. A sharp rise in online education is the aftermath of this pandemic.    

To better equip the teachers for online teaching, when social distancing and remote interactions are the new normal, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is gearing up to launch free Online Teacher Training Programs. These teacher training programs will be carried out under the expertise of CBSE’s Centre of Excellence (CoE).

Objectives of CBSE’s Online Teacher Training Programs;

  • This digital training will enable teachers to teach online more effectively for improved learning outcomes.
  • This online program will instill new knowledge and skills to make teachers capable of meeting emerging learning expectations in congruence with eLearning industry.
  • The Online Teacher Training will help teachers refresh their knowledge acquired previously during their regular training, and refine it further. 

Overview of CBSE’s Free Online Teacher Training Programs

  • The online teacher training classes will comprise various sessions.
  • Attending five sessions will be considered as one day of training. 
  • Each online training session will be conducted for one hour.
  • No participation fee will be charged.
  • E-certificate shall be issued to the participants of the training program.
  • Participants are supposed to attend the entire session to be eligible for E-certificate.

This initiative is being seen as an enabler for two core objectives of the Indian education paradigm- 1) Promotion of online & digital learning solutions for wider student outreach, 2) Upskilling the existing school teaching workforce to meet the rising demand with quality teaching. 

How effective will this CBSE initiative be?

As the online education space witnesses more comprehensive & smart platforms popping up, this program will definitely aid the existing academic workflow in the schools. It is crucial to understand that CBSE’s Teacher Training initiative is just about enhancing the skills of the teachers to be able to teach better. Since, a technological-aid was not required by them in the physical classrooms, the surprise shift to online classes has rendered such training essential. This initiative will prove to be fruitful for the traditional school learning that has recently taken an online route!

How will the students benefit?

Students will be the end receivers of the benefits of this Online Teacher Training program. While they are not new to the digital world, they will certainly notice a positive shift in the teaching style of their current faculty. This will help schools maintain their average scoring & success rate. 

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Moreover, it is highly affordable! 

In closing

Education in India is going through a tremendous shift. It is now being driven purely via technology- a thought that kept this industry from changing their traditional operating ways for a long time! Now, the students have an edge in terms of technological prowess. As the schools settle & adjust with the idea of 100% tech-driven classes, students can benefit from the ‘early’ mover advantage by adopting powerful eLearning apps & tools.

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Teresa Martinez

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