‘Cherish’ by Kathy Ingraham Is The Song You Will Always Cherish

 ‘Cherish’ by Kathy Ingraham Is The Song You Will Always Cherish

After “That’s What Crazy Lovers Do“, talented singer and songwriter Kathy Ingraham returns with a new single titled “Cherish“, a sublime synergy between singing and music.

Characterized by an intimate and engaging atmosphere, this composition slips away like a sweet caress on the cheek, towards a pulsating groove and a smooth swing. Every single element of the song is perfectly defined and masterfully placed within the mix. The coherence that links them makes the message clear and intelligible.

The star of the tune is of Ms. Ingraham herself. She is clearly a gifted and examined vocalist. In any case, the spirit in her singing is something that can’t be instructed. Her passionate and hoarse vocals help me to remember Nina Simone. What’s more, the topic of the verses fit that tone flawlessly. Kathy sings of building passionate dividers to shield herself from by and by being scorched by adoration. She thinks back longingly at better occasions when “Treasure was the word, previously.”

The artist has gathered an allstar cast for Cherish. Guitarist Elliott Randall played on the Steely Dan exemplary, “Reelin In The Years.” His solo on that tune is viewed as one of the best ever. On keys is the Jazz legend Pete Levin, who has played with everybody from Gil Evans to Jaco Pastorius. On drums is Joel Rosenblatt from the spearheading combination band, Spyro Gyra.

You can listen to “Cherish” on SoundCloud and check out her website at www.kathyingraham.com.

Here are some other platforms where you can stream it :



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