Children and elder – They need you most

 Children and elder – They need you most

Childhood and old age are two most important parts of our life. We need to take care of kids in the same way we need to take care of our elders. Caring of both requires proper training and is a job where any error can lead to complications.

There are many institutes which provide training in managing care of young children. After successful training and required professional exposure you are eligible for Certificate 3 childcare. There are multiple areas in relation to child care and education in which you can get trained. You are required to plan and execute child development plans ensuring they help in child’s wellbeing, education and over all development. This certificate is minimum requirement of gainful employment in the childhood services and acts as a stepping stone for people who wants to make career in early childhood education.

This certification covers many topics like: 

  • Improving upon Supporting child interaction & introducing right behaviour
  • Ensuring child is safe and his/her health needs are managed
  • Developing plan for over-all development of child
  • Defining nutrition plan for the children
  • Ensuring work environment is safe for child
  • Create a positive environment around child for holistic development.
  • Working in a leaning framework as per child needs
  • Develop good hygiene practices
  • Develop respect for all cultures

Availability of good medical facilities has ensured that people are living way long than what they used to live 30 years back. This has opened up multiple opportunities for people who want to work in Aged care. Apart from a gainful employment this profession gives you an eternal pleasure of helping others. You should look forward to get trained for Certificate 4 in Aged care if you are planning to enter in this field.

This certification will cover many topics like:

  • Practical training for all health scenarios
  • Training in supporting independence and communicating
  • Safety procedures in elder care
  • Additional courses for people with special medical needs like dementia
  • Assisting with medicines
  • Ensuring good hygiene is maintained
  • Ensuring medical and legal compliance
  • Providing  support in times of loss and grief
  • Plan for events to keep elders engaged.

Building your career is easy, all you need to do is select the right course to take you further.


Teresa Martinez

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