Choose The Right Business Idea

 Choose The Right Business Idea

Use TRUiC’s online technology to work out which idea best suits your needs

Whether you’re a foodie, a fashion buff or a seasoned mechanic, there’s a business out there just for you. Finding a business idea that will sustain your interest and continue to motivate you even when the going gets tough is the first step for any successful entrepreneur.

Admittedly, this can be a minefield. But TRUiC uses online technology to take the pain out of making that all-important decision.  Remember while the choices are many and varied, small businesses have become the lifeblood of many communities.

Our BUSINESS IDEAS GENERATOR will help you to identify the correct business for you by narrowing down your options and giving you ideas, you may not have considered.

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Popular Categories include:

  • Recession proof ideas
  • Home business ideas
  • Low cost business ideas
  • Online business ideas
  • Ideas that fit your personality
  • Trending business Ideas
  • Start a franchise

Essential Services

Offering an essential service by its very definition will often give you job security. You are offering something essential. For instance, you could consider:

Furry Friends

Pet ownership is a huge business in the US and there are many sectors of this market for you to consider – a bonus is you can often work from home.

You could start your own store, offer mobile pet grooming services, offer a dog walking service or, if you are handy with a camera, try your hand at taking pet portraits.

Home healthcare

Essential services such as the home care healthcare market is growing – and you don’t have to have medical qualifications to work in this field. People are lonely – services such as companionship are needed.

Equipment rental

Where possible businesses like to rent rather than buy as it can be cheaper in the long run. Concepts you can look at are office equipment, tool rental, home schooling and parties.

Waste Collection

This is another essential need, one which can have a real purpose in life as there is a growing need to recycle wherever possible. Business people need to come up with new processes to recycle goods, from mattresses to batteries.  Parts from items headed for landfills can also be salvaged for upcycling or reselling.

 Essential support

More and more big businesses are outsourcing to save on costs. An example of this is food services to hospitals where nutritious meals are a vital part of the recovery process but are often left uneaten.

There is a growing demand for hospital meal plans, for new food options.

The opportunities in the essential support field are endless, all you need to do is work out how you can assist businesses such as repair services and funeral homes. You will find ample business tools in TRUiC’s online guide.

Consider a franchise

If you’re eager for an entrepreneurial career but are intimidated by the prospect of creating your own business concept, a franchise can be a great option.

Check out our Franchise Guide to learn more about franchising. Some popular types of franchises are:

Coffee Shop

Coffee shops are great for people who like to build long-lasting relationships – customers tend to be regulars, with some even coming in daily.


Opening a daycare franchise is an excellent option for people who love to nurture and influence children.


Laundromats are great franchises for entrepreneurs who want to start a business but don’t want to put in a ton of time. Once they’re up-and-running, laundromats are typically low-maintenance.

Moving Company

Moving can be a hassle, so many looks to hire a moving service to help take the stress off of their hands.  If you live in a densely populated area, joining a strong moving company franchise ensures ready access to a large pool of customers.

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