Choosing the kindergarten: how to orient between Open Days and enrollment applications

 Choosing the kindergarten: how to orient between Open Days and enrollment applications

The entrance to the International preschool marks a very important stage in the life of every child and for this reason it is essential that parents face this moment with the right serenity and take the time to find all the useful information that will put them in condition to make the best choice. The Kindergarten represents the first segment of the school path and constitutes an active community open to families and the territory. It is based on the recognition of reciprocal roles and on their respect, promoting practices aimed at pursuing common educational purposes.

Kindergarten: admission criteria

The Kindergarten is not part of the compulsory schools and enrollment is therefore allowed within a certain number of places. In the event that the applications exceed the actual availability of places, a ranking will be made that will take into account the criteria established by each school and made public to families. The right of way goes to children who turn three by 31 December. Parents can register if they turn three years of age by 30 April. However, the date of April 30 is peremptory, provided for by law, and cannot be circumvented even for a single day. For children who turn the age of after 30 April there is no registration, even if there are some free places.

How to choose the kindergarten?

As we anticipated above, the entrance to the Kindergarten is not a trivial passage of life for the child. Many things will change also for the little ones who first attended the nursery school: teachers, classmates, activities carried out, organization of the day, in addition to the numerical ratio between children and teacher. If everything in the nursery was based on nurturing, older children are expected to take an extra “step” in terms of autonomy.

During the Kindergarten period the child has the opportunity to broaden his knowledge, to make first friendships. A good choice on the part of parents is really able to give him a carefree and serene everyday life, as should be the norm at his age. If therefore, as in most choices, the first impression counts a lot, it should be noted that also practical elements must be taken into account. One above all is the proximity to home. It is likely that the little one will also be involved in parties and birthdays on the weekend or will receive some invitations to play at the home of their friends: if the school is close to home, it is likely that their classmates will also live nearby and it will be easier to be able to attend outside school.


To understand which school meets your needs, you need to have all the useful information. In addition, there are three types of Kindergarten: State, Municipal and Private. The first is directed by the Ministry of Education, while the Municipal is managed by the municipality of residence while following the regulations of the Ministry of Education. Choosing the best preschool is related to your child’s growth, so take it seriously.

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