Common seafood dishes you should try

 Common seafood dishes you should try

If you’re a foodie at heart or simply want to try something new, these common seafood dishes are great to try at your local seafood restaurant or at home.

Fish and Chips

Arguably one of the most popular seafood dishes of all time is fish and chips. Simply put, it’s breaded fish sticks served with French fries.

Seafood Pizza

For all you pizza lovers, seafood pizza probably sounds delicious – because it is! Keep your pizza healthy by making it homemade with shrimp, prawns, tuna, and anchovies. The flavor will be so strong you won’t need to add cheese to this pizza delight.

Fish Tacos

A flavorful spin on traditional meat tacos is to make your tacos out of seafood. Bake a beautiful salmon and cut it into small strips. Next, take a corn tortilla and add cut up veggies and add your salmon. Top it with a tangy sauce and you’re good to go! Enjoy.

Fish Cutlet

For those of you who love fried fish, fish cutlet will be your next favorite meal. Enjoy your fish cutlet with a tangy sauce, ketchup, or tartar sauce.

Fish Burgers

Similar to tacos, a nice spin on burgers is to replace the meat with a fish patty. Then, instead of adding ketchup, mayo, or mustard, add tarter sauce for a nice zesty kick.

Fish Salad

Who doesn’t love a delicious green leafy salad? Spruce it up by adding tuna or shrimp with minimal sauce.


If you love to grill your food, fish skewers are a delicious way to get a grilled meal that’s full of vitamins and flavor. Add a side of grilled potatoes, a salad, or any other side by green mountain grills reviews and your taste buds will be watering for days!

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