Common Wine Dishes You Should Try

 Common Wine Dishes You Should Try

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Do you love the refreshing, energizing, and boozy taste of wine? Do you crave the tempting flavors of all those fancy dishes you had at that boujee restaurant? Yes? Then, you are in the right place!

If you are a food lover but also like to devour it with a glass of wine, there’s absolutely no reason not to know the best dishes for the best time. You type liquor store near me for the perfect bottle. You search for different wine glasses to pour it into, then what? There are literally endless flavors that could go right with your favorite wine but also wrong at the same time.

If nothing, it is a must for a booze lover like you to know what wine goes well with what food so you don’t have to look at the menu like a noob at a new restaurant. So, let’s help you with that!

Common Dishes To Try With Wine?

Dishes To Try With Wine
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Wine and food go hand in hand. They are legit the best pairing you can ever find that satisfies the palate and quenches your thirst. But, but, aha, only you thought it was this easy to find the best dishes with the best wine. Not to worry, we have got your back.

Dishes To Try With Wine

Satisfy your foodie personality and fuzzy style at the same time with food and wine pairings. These dishes will help your palate for times when you want to feel that extra buzz with your alcohol:

  • Authentic Italian pizza with a fruity Sangiovese: since the Italian cuisine like pasta, pizza, and other tomate based soups are so fresh and delightful. It is only fair to have then with a classic Italian Sangiovese. The hint of fig, rose, and cherries makes this wine ideal for Italian dishes. They compliment each other so well.
  • Fried fish with Italian sparkling wine: You might think sweet sparkling wine should only be paired with sweet desserts or dishes to complement each other. However, sometimes, it might be too much for your palate to deal with such an immense power of sweetness. But, being honest, if you try a sweet wine with a salty dish, the taste will be immaculate.
  • Rose and cheese sauce: Every rose wine blends perfectly with almost every cheesy dish. Rose has the hints of sweet red wine and sparkly white wine which makes it ideal to have it with cheesy sandwiches, yummy pastas, and all those cheese dishes.
  • Barbecue and Malbec: If you are into American barbecue, Korean barbecue, or any other classic barbecue, the wine that you should opt for has to be Malbec. Malbec has high flavor profile of the rich smokey taste that complements the smokiness of the barbecue.
  • Spicy meat and Syrah: Yes, it is hard to believe that spicy food and wine can be a pairing. But to your surprise, this duo exists and oh boy, let us tell you how exquisite and classy it is. Try a glass of syrah with any of your heavily marinated meats to fully feel the spice of meat and fruitiness of wine.

Dishes To Cook With Wine

Yes, we love a decent wine to sip on. But, putting it into our food won’t hurt that much, right? So, here are some recipes for you to try with that leftover wine you can’t manage to store:

  • Mussels infused with white wine: The classic mussel, galic, and wine infusion can be the ultimate go-to you need. Click to see the full recipe by bonappetit.
  • Pie with red wine: What? Sweets? And wine? Seriously? Yep, that’s right. Pear pie with red wine! Don’t make weird faces until you try this divine creation yourself. Click to see the full recipe by Jenice.
  • Steak with white wine glazing: With steak, you must have immediately thought of a good piece with a fancy red wine? Well, to your surprise, we have found a dish that involves the deglazing of pan with white wine to let the brown fully out of the steak. Click to find the full recipe by myrecipes.
  • Brisket with red wine: We are discussing the ultimate dishes you can make with a good wine, then how can we forget including red wine? Absolutely, not! This brisket when deeply braised with red wine only tastes better and better as the time passes by.
  • Chocolate cake with red wine: Here comes one dish that will satisfy every sweet tooth. Inspired by Anne Willan’s recipe, you don’t need any extra preparation for this cake to devour on. Just pour the red wine glaze over it and it will set with time. Find the easy recipe here at foodandwine.

3-Course Menu With Wine

3-Course Menu With Wine
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Formal dining has to be the most awkward experiences when you have to choose a wine with each of your 3-course meals. Otherwise, you can get away with just a plain red or white wine but there are times when you have to follow the rules and etiquettes of drinking fancy. Here’s what to do:

  • Sparkling wine and appetizer
  • Soups and white wine
  • Rose, full-bodied white or light-bodies red with fried appetizers
  • Sparkling, orange, light red, or rose wine with salads
  • Main course with medium or full-bodied classic red wine
  • Sweet wine with desserts

Full-bodied wines are perfect for chocolate desserts, white wines are ideal for caramel desserts, and sparkling sweet or ice wine pairs well with berry’s and cream dessert.


Drinking wine is such an art just like discovering new food is. But, pairing them together for creating a 3-course meal or insfusing them together to invent a restaurant-style dish. It can either go wrong or totally right. However, you don’t need to worry or panic, we have mentioned all the pairings and recipes you can create without going viral (unless you want :p).

Try out these pairings and dishes and let us know which one you liked the most. Happy drinking and eating, fellows!

Gill Daniel

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