Comparing Free-Dried and Dehydrated Pet Food – Choosing the Right Option

 Comparing Free-Dried and Dehydrated Pet Food – Choosing the Right Option

Even though the result of both dehydrated and freeze-dried foods is moisture-free foods, the terms are different. The similarities in results are often behind the interchangeable use of the terms. However, it helps to understand what these terms mean to make it easier for pet owners to choose right.

Defining Dehydrated Pet Food

Dehydration is the process of reducing or eliminating moisture in food to improve the food’s quality. This is an age-long technique that has existed for years. What has changed over time is the technologies used to achieve the same results. It is a technique that experts from Paws Food Express know too well.

Usually, this process involves slow, gentle cooking using warm air to remove moisture in food. It happens very slowly, which is why it is effective. The process needs air over 104 degrees when most protein enzymes are denatured. This is a better process than canning or baking, where higher temperatures are needed.

The main advantage of dehydration is that it is a safer and easier way of preserving food. No chemicals and empty additives are involved in this process. Bacteria are already destroyed, and since moisture and air are eliminated, mould and mildew will also not thrive. It is also possible to safely store these foods as long as there is no light and air exposure. You will also efficiently hydrate the foods

Defining Freeze Dry

The popularity of freeze-drying rose in the 1950s. Usually, sublimation is used to draw moisture out of the food without reaching a liquid status. The process is gentle and requires very low temperatures, usually less than 104 degrees. The process maintains the ingredients, enzymes and flavors of the foods intact. The nutritional value also remains untouched, which minimizes the risks of allergies when pets consume this kind of food.

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One of the most significant advantages of freeze-dried foods is that they can be stored unaffected for a long time. You do not have to use preservatives as long as they are stored away from heat and light. You do not have to worry about bacteria infestation if you store your food this way for years.

While both methods are great for preserving pet foods, freeze-drying is better. Most useful enzymes remain. Choose to freeze-dry if you have to. When preserving pet food for a long time without using chemical preservatives, these have to be good alternatives to consider. This natural technique of preserving raw pet food ensures pets still enjoy quality food without negative and harmful ingredients included in the mix.

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