Complete Car Insurance Solution

 Complete Car Insurance Solution

Comprehensive car insurance policy provides cover not only to the client’s own car but also to other people’s cars and property as well involved in the accident. Most of the insurance companies have a tie up with trusted repairers in the area who provide fast and high quality service.

Once the car has been in an accident, it is easy to get an online quote as most of the insurance companies provide quick customer service online. This includes services offered day and night. Most of the insurers have made the policy claims process easy and hassle free for the clients these days.

Features of Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy

  • It covers the accidental damage to the client’s car.
  • It covers the damage to the client’s car by fire or theft.
  • It covers the damages to the client’s car in case of natural calamities such as cyclone, flood or bushfire.
  • The towing cost of the alleged vehicle is also minimal.
  • It covers damage to other people’s vehicle that could be a partial or fully the client’s fault.
  • It covers the legal costs occurring during the time of the accident.
  • Legal liability is also covered while the client’s car is under repairs or service.
  • It provides guarantee on authorized repairs
  • In case of theft, a rental car is provided to the client for 21 days or a travel allowance of $50 per day.

Comprehensive policy can also be upgraded with two additional claims such as removal of basic excess for windscreen claims and Star Rating Protection. The windscreen claims help you in fast tracking the repairs and the star rating of the car also does not get affected.

The Star Rating Protection on the other hand allows the client to claim one accident per year without losing the star rating. Usually the Star rating comes into play in situations such as an at-fault accident, or a claim where the party cannot be identified, or a claim where the car is damaged by nature or wildlife.

Save and Insure

There is an option to have an adjustable excess amount that reduces the cost of your insurance premium. It is best to make an annual premium payment, the best price is offered on a yearly basis. One can also save on premium by listing the names of all the drivers of the vehicle. An excess is applicable only if the car is involved in an accident in which the driver was not listed.

Having good fully comprehensive insurance quotes gives the visitors an opportunity to compare the quotes and then make a prudent choice. Before a policy is chosen, it is imperative for the client to review the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) that outlines policy coverage, limitations and exclusions.

In addition to the above mentioned benefits of a Comprehensive Car Insurance, iSelect also offers coverage to contents inside the vehicle such as child seats and personal property. Some of the policies also offer new car replacement for the first two years of ownership.

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