Complete Guide To Understand The Popular Ways Of Slippery Tiles Remedy

The ceramic tiles can enhance the aesthetic of the residential or commercial flooring to a great extent. The shining flooring material is one of the most popular choices for homeowners. However, after installation, you will realize that the water retention ability of the tiles is high. And the slippery surface becomes the most dangerous arena where there are always chances of slip and fall injuries. 

Prevent injuries

Ceramic tiles flooring can be extremely dangerous, especially when wet, leading to many grave accidents. Therefore, it’s a feasible idea to find out the slippery tiles remedy and make the place safer for the people residing at home or working at the commercial space. The best part about the process is the affordability of the procedures, which will make the tiles safer without breaking the bank. 

Learning about the options

Anti-slippery surfaces are always ideal to ensure the safety of human traffic. But the tiles are slippery, and you need to arrange for the anti-slip to make the surface non-slippery. But it is essential to know What are the methods and remedies available for slippery tiles before planning to arrange for the anti-slip for tiles. 

There are primarily four options to reduce the slippery nature o the tile flooring.

  1. Convert the smooth surface of the tiles into a rougher version for creating more traction. You can usually implement this procedure by adding the anti-slip solution.
  1. Add the anti-slip stickers or treads.
  1. If you are planning a full renovation, then you can consider switching to the non-slip floor tiles.
  1. Cover up the entire flooring with anti-slip rugs.

Now, it’s time to see which methods are more effective in reducing the slippery nature of the tiles. 

Anti-slip treatments

As you have already realized the hazards of the slippery tiles, you should decide the procedure to implement for the reduction of the slippery nature of these tiles. The anti-slip or proprietary non-slip treatments generally involve the acid etching technique that will add the safety feature to the aesthetically appealing tiles on the flooring. 

  • Interior designers prefer the method of acid etching, as it ensures the functionality of the flooring without interfering with the original concept of the installation. 
  • The technique of acid etching is one of the popular slippery tiles remedies as it will increase the surface roughness by the chemical change of the structural surface of the tiles. 

Method of action

The process involves the application of hazardous etching agents like hydrofluoric solutions that will react with the glaze and silica constituents present in the tiles. The result will be the decomposition of microscopic quantities of silica that will form ridged grooves and valleys on the surface of the flooring tiles. 

It will etch through the glaze and reach the porous body of the tiles. The change in the microstructure is responsible for the change of the overall structural roughness and porosity of the tiles that automatically increase the slip-resistant feature. 

Use of anti-slip coating 

The acid treatment process is not the preferred mode for many homeowners. If you belong to the same group, then it is better to go for the polyurethane floor coating, which is also a highly effective anti-slip solution for tiles. On hiring the companies offering specialization in installing the polyurethane coating on the tiles, you can keep the tiles intact and reduce the slippery texture. 

  • Polyurethane coating is always an ideal option for reducing the slippery nature of the tiles as it is a durable layer, which will last for years and remain effective as long as it lasts. 
  • Most of the reputed companies offering the installation of the polyurethane coating will provide you with the after-sale service, too, as it is necessary to maintain the coating for maximizing longevity. 
  • A thorough inspection of the flooring is essential before a company proceeds to install the coating. It will help the professionals to understand the texture of the tiles and suggest the correct quality of the coating that will work the best in the area.  

Role of installers

Now that you know precisely about the ways of remediation from the slippery nature of the tiles, you should also learn about the importance of selecting expert coating installers. 

  • Knowledge about slippery tiles remedy is essential and experienced installers are aware of the matter.
  • Expert handling is vital for the uniform application of the coating. 
  • Inspection under the experts is crucial for the accurate selection of the material.

The above information will always help you to hire the right installers and implement effective anti-slip texture to the flooring. 

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