Contemporary Garden Rooms Ideas That Spice Up The Garden Area

 Contemporary Garden Rooms Ideas That Spice Up The Garden Area


Garden area is where you can sit and soak the sun with morning tea, play with children on a summer day and also enjoy get-togethers with the friends. This area, certainly, can do wonders in terms of offering utility when it is built up using feasible yet creative garden room ideas. The contemporary garden rooms are stylish, sleek and have an element of space efficiency. Some of the ways to do up the garden room in contemporary appeal are:

  1. Converted shipping container: Shipping container of a large size has all that helps in achieving a garden room having industrial appeal. This converted container style garden room offers symmetrically built space. Its one side can be transformed into a see-through glass door with sliding frames. The sides width-wise can continue to have the contained material; it helps in keeping the inner side warm enough. Shipping container material offers this structure sturdiness and unmatched style.
  2. Multi-purpose transformer garden room: This type of garden room comes with customizable and retractable walls. The walls can be covered using glass panels, or it can be kept open with the panels slid to one side. It is a stylish way of having a garden room in the open space of the house. The users can transform it multiple ways, such as reading room, poolside room, barbecue point, a half-covered gym and so on.
  3. Spherical garden room: Stay close to nature even on a bad weather day by creating a spherical garden room with glass all around. This stylish pod can help you enjoy the nature even on a bad weather day. So, want to witness the first snowfall, or just want to have a quiet reading place for yourself on weekend? It is the idea that can fit into all kinds of schemes.
  4. Contemporary shepherd hut: Best suited for the country side homes, this shepherd hut can offer a suitable place for keeping livestock, if few in number. The feasible ambience is created by cedar walls, which are further insulated using closed-cell foil. It is kept airy and well-lit inside and the power is supplied with the help of a generator. You can go greener by using solar power batteries to meet the energy requirement of this shepherd hut.
  5. Artist studio or a work space close to nature: Have a sleek, rectangular cabin put on the garden side and adorn it with floor-to-ceiling glasses on three sides. The one side can be made using wooden wall and embellished further with the arrangements for doing painting, or using computers. A meeting place can also be made by fitting in furniture like tables, chairs and sofas and a projector with monitor for sharing ideas. It can also be made into TV room where you can watch your favorite games and movies.

These are some of the garden room ideas that give a contemporary makeover to the garden shed that used to occupy the space in the old times. Call us to find how to put these ideas into form and have a suitable garden room for your home or office.

Teresa Martinez

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