Content To Commerce: Creating Content That Converts Buyers
In this technological age, many businesses rely on digital marketing to ramp up their brands on the internet. And in digital marketing, content is king! Content to commerce; that is the power of digital content. It can convert mere website visitors to buyers. But how can brands do it?

Here are some tips on how to produce online content that converts:


When thinking of content, most people think of texts and images alone, similar to what we see on blogs. In this digital age, it is not advisable to stick to these two formats alone. With YouTube and TikTok, you can create long and short-form videos about your brand, product, and services. Infographics and charts are shareable and easier to digest than information laid out in paragraph format. Spotify also has a space for podcast programmes where brands can advertise their products and services, too. They can even create their podcast!


Numerous influencers have risen in popularity and have millions of followers on social media for the past years. Getting an influencer to endorse your products and services is not new. Traditionally, brands hire celebrities or experts to support the products and star commercials. Now, the partnerships with influencers have branched out from simply endorsing the product. For instance, brands would send their products to YouTube influencers. YouTube influencers then create an unboxing video of the product and give an honest review. A good review from a trusted influencer will convince Chinese consumers to buy the product. You can visit a content creator platform to look for the right influencer to partner with.


Unfortunately, some online content expires in a matter of days. Meaning video content may trend today but not tomorrow. Besides creating evergreen content, brands must keep up with the lifestyle trends online. Riding trends make your content relevant in real-time. You can monitor the current social media trends with trends report tools and analytics. These tools generate significant information about the current behaviour of consumers online.


You can produce as much content as you want in multiple formats but still won’t convert visitors to buyers if the content is unhelpful and irrelevant. Chinese consumers like informative content that addresses their concerns. For example, if you sell air purifiers, you may want to produce content on how to maintain air purifiers. Because shortly, they will need to clean and maintain their equipment.

Call-to-actions are sometimes overlooked when creating content. Call-to-action copies and buttons encourage website visitors to buy the product or subscribe to the service. Here are some of the most common call-to-action copies and phrases:
  • Don’t miss out on the best deals
  • Slots are limited, so hurry up!
  • For more information, download our paper here.
  • Sign up today!
Content to commerce: content that converts website visitors to buyers. This must be the ultimate goal of each and every brand in their digital marketing strategies. Apply these tips to improve your content, use content creator platforms and tools, and keep up with the lifestyle trends today.

Clare Louise

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