Corporate Cabs: Are the Benefits Worth the Expense?

Corporate cabs are supposed to be beneficial for more than just one reason and one of those main reasons is cost-effectiveness. Therefore, if your company’s commissioned cab service feels like an expense, it might be time to consider your options. A look through those advantages should help you get a better perspective on whether those are truly benefits that your own business is reaping from its current arrangement. If not, it might be time to consider a different cab service provider.

High Frequency Ground Travelling

Is frequent commuting on short notice a regular requirement for employees and executives? Are frequent meet and greet airport transfers also required? If the answer for both questions is yes, then a corporate cab service is an important requirement for that company. It’s as much about convenience and productivity as it is about reputation. There is also the benefit of saving money, but that’s the next point we will get to.

Cost-Effective Local Travelling

If you can relate to the requirements specified above, then you already know the answer as to if there’s benefit to be had from corporate cab expenses. However, business expenses cannot be justified based on convenience alone. There are other ways to travel locally, and temporary airport transfers can always be arranged without hiring a dedicated taxi service for the company.

However, since we are discussing high frequency travelling, that’s where corporate cab services present another major advantage over all alternatives. Not only is it more productive and convenient for a company to have its own commissioned cab service, but it’s also supposed to help the business save money. If your present cab service provider is failing to deliver that value for money proposition, contact Premier Cab Service for customisable corporate packages at better rates in London.

Assurance and Safety

Having a dedicated cab service at the company’s disposal is also about providing assurance and safety. Picking up an important client late at night from the airport would never be an issue. The cabs will also ensure that employees reach home safe after a shift that ended late at night. If it’s an emergency that requires making fast trips, the cabs will be there to assist (within specified capacity).

Perhaps most importantly, a local corporate cab service ensures that everyone who needs to commute on business at least has access to a cab even on the busiest of days. The service provider would still need to be informed earlier, but that’s only if the booking is outside of the regular schedule. Since local cab drivers also know their routes better, they don’t just rely exclusively on the GPS to avoid traffic either. 

As far as safety is concerned, this is where a little research is recommended. Before signing up with any cab company, check up on their reputation overall and especially with past corporate clients. See if any of their current drivers have any serious complaints lodged against them. Go a bit deeper and check if there are glaring issues related to the cab company in their past, as well as how they dealt with it. Since assuring safety is an employer’s liability, it is best to stick with cab service providers with a good reputation.

Clare Louise

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