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Could a storage unit be the storage solution your business needs?

Utilizing a storage unit to help your business may be a great opportunity to not only increase your sales but keep overhead costs down.  For many businesses, space is at a premium, so finding additional space at a minimal cost is key.  Below are just a few businesses that may benefit from additional storage.

Home Staging

We all know that selling a home fast is key to getting a good return, so home staging services are increasing in popularity.  Walking into a finished home, complete with furniture can really help potential new buyers envision themselves in the space.

But as a staging company owner, what do you do with the excess furniture in between showings? Using a storage unit may be a great option.  Storage units come in a variety of sizes and are often temperature controlled to help protect your furniture.

With easy access in and out of storage units, you will have your furniture within reach for the next showing.

Small Home Business

For service businesses run out of the home, it can be difficult to find enough space for your equipment.  While you certainly need access to your equipment, it is not practical to completely overrun your home for the sake of your business.

Many business owners regularly use storage units to help house equipment between uses.  This can be particularly useful if your service company keeps a wide variety of parts, that are not necessarily used daily.  Having a wider variety of parts available can help grow your business and customer base.

Medical Supply Reps

Medical and pharmaceutical reps understand just how any pieces of medical machinery exist.  Any type of pharmaceutical or medical supply must be kept safe and secure.  Delicate machinery can be particularly susceptible to temperature changes and moisture.

While keeping equipment in the home may seem logical, you can quickly become overrun with the necessities of work.  Climate controlled storage units are a great option to not only protect your equipment but increase available space.

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