Creating Some Rules for Teen Cell Phone Use

 Creating Some Rules for Teen Cell Phone Use

Perhaps it’s time for you to get your teen their first smartphone. Most parents resist handing a cell phone to their kids because they are afraid of the online dangers their kids would come across when they start using their own phones. 

While they are aware of the benefits of giving their teens a smartphone, they are also scared of the dangers that most smartphones come with. Some parents have to give in to the pressure of providing their teens with a cell phone so they can easily fit into society. On the other hand, some give their teens smartphones so they can stay in touch with them all the time, especially when they away from their kids. 

When it comes to handing your kids their first phone, you can consider an iPhone. Because of its strict privacy features, the iPhone should be a better choice for your teen’s first smartphone. Before you give them their phone, make sure to establish some rules for cell phone use. Establishing rules for cell phone use can be a bit tricky. Even though iPhone monitoring apps have been developed to monitor your teen’s phone use, you still need to create some rules for them. 

Technology keeps on changing quickly and frequently so it can be challenging for parents to keep up with the latest electronic devices, social media sites, and apps. However, with the help of some rules, you can still keep your teen’s phone usage in control. 

Rules for Your Teen’s Cell Phone Use 

By establishing some rules for your teen’s cell phone use, you can help them make better and healthier choices while they are using their phones. Here are some rules that you can establish for your teen’s cell phone use.

No Cell Phone Use in the Morning 

Make sure your teen does not start off their day by spending some on their cell phone, surfing social media apps, or texting with their friends. This can waste a lot of precious time before they visit the school. You need to establish a rule by saying, “No use of cell phones in the morning.”

If your teen has a habit of getting ready early in the morning, then you can consider allowing them to use their phone for a few minutes as a privilege before they step out of the house. 

Follow School Rules for Cell Phone Use 

Each school has its own standard rules and policies for cell phone use. As a parent, it is your responsibility to check all the policies related to phone use at your teen’s school and make it clear to your teen that they need to follow those rules strictly. 

In case, your teen ever gets in trouble for violating the cell phone rules at their school, you need to support the discipline policy at school. You should teach your teen to honor and follow the school cell phone policy obediently. This practice will help them follow the cell phone policy in the future as well especially when they go for getting admissionto the college or looking for jobs. This will be an important life lesson for them. 

No Cell Phones During Meal Times

You should never allow your teen to use their cell phone during meal times. They should not be using their cell phone at the time of breakfast, lunch, or dinner. In order for your teen to follow this rule, you need to follow it yourself first. Become a good role model for your kids and avoid using the cell phone during meals. 

Make sure you do not respond to any phone calls, text messages, or even emails while you are eating at the table with your whole family. When you follow this rule, your kids will tend to follow the same. You need to teach your teen to follow the appropriate cell phone etiquette. 

Avoid Using Cell Phones During Family Time

Make sure you do not use the cell phone during family time. Practice the same rule and ask your teens to do the same. You need to teach your teen the importance of interacting and spending quality time with family in person. 

During family activities, you should completely prohibit the use of cell phones for yourself as well as your teens. If you are planning a visit to the extended family or want to play some game with your teens, ask them to ignore their phone for some time. 

Stop Using Phone During Homework Time 

Your teen should be strictly prohibited to use their cell phone while they are studying or completing their homework. Keeping up with social media apps or responding to phone calls or text messages can be the biggest distraction for teens who are trying to focus on their studies. 

You can set time limits or screen limits on your teen’s phone with the help of the best iPhone monitoring app during homework time, especially when you see your teen struggling with studies. 

Ban Using Cell Phone at Bedtime

You should never allow your teens to use the cell phone at night or when they are in bed. There is no reason for your teen to use their phone in the wee hours of the night. When teens tend to use their cell phones to check up on their social media feeds, watch movies, or play games with their friends online, they can stay up really late which could affect their sleep patterns. That is why you should completely ban your teens from using cell phones at night or during bedtime. 

One of the other things you can do to prevent your teens from using their cell phones at night is to turn off the WIFI at a specific time at night. If they are using mobile data, make sure you purchase them a limited package that only allows them to use the internet for a few hours each day. 

Also, you should not let your teens use smartphones in their bedrooms. If they will take their cell phones in their rooms, they will be pressurized to respond to text messages in the middle of the night. You can either ask your teens to turn off their phones before bed or do not allow them to take them to their rooms at night. 

Avoid Using Cell Phone While Driving 

It’s fortunate to witness and hear about so many teen car accidents. Teens are involved in car accidents because they text or interact with others on the phone call while they are driving. You need to teach your teens to never text or respond to any call while they are driving. 

It is better to tell them to turn off their cell phones when they are driving. This will prevent the danger of being involved in a fatal car accident. 


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