Debunking the Most Common Backyard Chicken Myths That Exist Today

 Debunking the Most Common Backyard Chicken Myths That Exist Today

Have you been considering getting a chicken or two for your backyard? Do you know all the wonderful benefits chickens bring along with them? You’ve most likely been told more about the downfalls of owning chickens rather than the pros.

There are several myths about raising chickens that many people believe. Before you make a decision to raise chickens or not, it’s important you know what these myths are and the truths.

In the guide below, you’ll discover a few myths about backyard chickens and their truths. Continue reading to learn more!

Chickens Are Dirty and Stinky

One common myth people believe about chickens is that they smell bad. Chickens are sometimes thought to be dirty and stinky creatures. However, this isn’t quite true.

Chickens actually spend a good amount of time during the day dust bathing. If there is a bad smell, then it’s most likely coming from the coop. The coop will need to be cleaned on a regular basis to remove chicken droppings and any spilled food.

Keep the coop clean, and you don’t have to worry about there being a smell.

Chickens Create a Lot of Noise

When the neighbors see you bringing chickens into the backyard, they may begin to worry about the noise level. However, chickens don’t make much noise. Roosters are the ones who make the most noise, especially in the mornings.

Some cities will even prohibit keeping roosters in the backyard for this reason. Chickens, however, aren’t much of noisemakers and shouldn’t cause any issues for your or your neighbors.

Chickens Require Roosters to Lay Eggs

Some people believe that in order for chickens to raise eggs, they must have roosters around. This simply isn’t true depending on what type of eggs you’re looking for. If you want eggs to eat, then you only need chickens.

Chickens will produce eggs ready for the breakfast table on a regular basis without the help of roosters. This means a quiet and productive backyard for you. If you want eggs with chicks growing inside of them, then you will need roosters, so keep this in mind.

Chicken Carry Diseases

There are people who believe chickens are linked to a variety of diseases. The two main diseases most people associate chickens with are avian flu and salmonella. However, chickens kept in factories surrounded by many other chickens, living in unsanitary conditions is what causes these diseases.

Keeping the right number of chickens for the space you have and for the size of your coop and keeping their living conditions clean and sanitary will keep your chickens healthy and disease-free.

Chicken Coops Are Ugly

You may be less than willing to own chickens due to the thought of decreasing the aesthetics of your backyard. This isn’t the case, though! There are many beautiful and stylish coops to choose from!

There are even lots of chicken coop accessories to choose from as well, such as the cozy coop heater to create a luxurious space for your chickens. The best chicken coop will provide ample space for each chicken and a clean and cozy atmosphere.

A Backyard Chicken Has More Pros Than Cons

There you have it. A backyard chicken seems to have more pros than cons once you debunk some common myths! Is owning several chickens right for you?

Use the helpful information listed above to help you make a final decision.

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Gill Daniel

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