Details about searching a PG in Delhi with p help of OYO Life

 Details about searching a PG in Delhi with p help of OYO Life

Delhi, the capital of our country, India, is the fifth most populous city in the world. The service sector is the most important part of Delhi’s economy and bulk of Delhi’s working population is engaged in trade, finance, public administration, professional services, and various community, personal, and social services.Since 90s New Delhi has emerged as an important node in the international corporate and financial network. Although it is a very polluted city, but yet this has not impacted at all over the surging population

Next question is about getting a proper accommodation in Delhi. In recent times, OYO Life is a familiar name for getting a lodging and they help to get a PG in Delhi which is much more reasonable than staying on rent. According to maintenance and discipline, PG executes a better position than rented home.

Options of spaces in PG Accommodation

The PG room choices attainable to the boarders are:

  • Double sharing
  • Triple sharing
  • Private room

Amenities furnished in PG of Delhi

PG in Delhi proposed by OYO Life are of those kind that can make ones life good with the provision of impressive living inclusive of proper amenities as given below:

  • Bed and Mattress
  • AC
  • Cupboard
  • Study Table
  • Reading Lamp
  • Unlimited WiFi
  • TV with DTH
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Washing machine
  • Refrigerator
  • Tiffin on Demand
  • Geyser
  • Shower
  • House Keeping
  • RO Water Purifier
  • Induction Plate
  • Cookware
  • Power backup 24*7
  • CCTV Surveillance
  • Vehicle Parking
  • Doctor on call
  • Fresh food on demand
  • Café 15 mins walk
  • Relaxation Area, Garden and Theatre
  • Restaurant 15 mins walk

Factors to look for in a PG

Here are some considerable factors that are to be taken into account before choosing a PG:

  • Rationing

Fix the budget and list down few localities that to be selected to stay in. This will solve many of the hindrances.

  • Technical Help

Search options are made easier with upgradation of technology and here comes the option of choosing OYO Life.

  • Be organized

Before going for a site visit, make sure to have multiple options in hand. Keeping the address and phone numbers handy will help to save lots of time and energy both.

  • Protection and other facilities provision

Check the area security along with the availability of all other amenities like hospitals, shopping centers, medical stores, grocery stores, etc .

  • Transportation facility

It is always advisable to opt for an area where common transport is effortlessly available.

  • Notification through scrutinisation

The best references of enquiry are the dwellers of the house. They can interpret the real image of the location and can also give answer about the possessors. But it is to be made sure that it prevails as a confidential chat and no other individual is involved.

  • Clarify the facilities provided

Do check about the aspects included the rent, like food and maid services, electricity and water bills. Clarify with owner about the supplementary expenses that is needed to pay.

  • Clarification about the constraints beforehand

Seek clarity beforehand about the things that are of concern. For instance, timings, visiting of parents, colleagues, pals, choice of food etc.

  • Conclusive go through is a must

The rent agreement should never be signed before reading each and every clause of it.

  • Final and most significant point

At the final point, before paying the contract money deposit just stay at the place for a week or so and take the ultimate decision.


Several benefits are provided to the inmates of PG in Delhi specially when the residence is booked through OYO PG. Those are:

  • Getting much better friends
  • All facilities and assistance like lodging, food, etc. can be availed in low cost
  • Discovering plenty of things from room mate
  • It is totally protected and responsible
  • In some PGs, not a sole job needs to be done. So while staying at PG, saving money and parents not worrying too much as they assured about the safety
  • This enables to become self confident, good decision maker and more disciplined
  • This also educates about how to perform work in their own as well as how to administer the task in a systematic way

So now what is the wait really for?? Youth generation in the urban cities owing to vast job opportunities, best scholastic foundations and better standard of living now can bank upon OYO Life to get reasonable lodging with all the essential indulgences in a PG in Delhi. Protection and defense is also provided in the best form here.

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