Developing Web Design Trends for 2021

 Developing Web Design Trends for 2021

The world of web design features many developing trends poised to populate the web in 2021. Some add to the visual element while others simplify the graphic presentation. Others simply add a homespun effect to the designs.

Rather than use all of the trends in each website, you should choose a favorite to implement. When you with with a company like Zgraph for website design in Atlanta, they consult with you to determine your design priorities. Read on to learn a few of the trends at the forefront of web design in 2021.

Scrolling effects: Scrolling effects present information in such a way that reduces user activity while presenting the information in a pleasing manner. Some sites incorrectly implement this and the users find themselves chased by a chatbot box, social media icons, or email contact sidebar. Scrolling effects should not cause the user frustration and you should always provide an easy method for turning it off or disabling the effect.

Vector art: Vector art scales well. You lose no sharpness or clarity when it scales. Unlike .jpgs, an .svg file does not lose part of its data when compressed. This provides an important component in responsive design.

Animation and video: In 2021, you see these integrated into web design itself as opposed to being a piece of content. These consist of small videos and animations that load quickly.

Hand-drawn elements: One of the homespun options, hand-drawn artwork contributes to navigation or the background of the website. All of the implementations of these elements require a little hand because a heavy-handed approach results in failure. The web design london on must still load in three seconds or less despite its bells and whistles.

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