Development of the moving truck rental business

 Development of the moving truck rental business

Moving has become a lot simpler over the years with modern moving trucks. With the help of an Orange County moving company. you can move your belongings in a comfortable truck that will get the job done and ride like a car. You will have a truck with air conditioning, a GPS, and many other modern-day features that will make your move easier and less stressful.

Since even before America was a country this has been a land of people on the move. Native Americans tied two poles together and hung a blanket between them to carry their belongings. Those poles were pulled at first by people and then by horses, and French traders adopted the practice in the 1700s.

In the early settler days, Conestoga wagons were used. They were heavy and hard to maneuver. Often they were sold at the destination on the Plains for the wood as there were very few trees. The Prairie Schooner was then invented, a lighter wagon that could be pulled by horses. As the West was developed, the railroad also got into the moving business.

The invention of the horseless carriage, or the internal combustion engine, changed the moving landscape in a short time. The first recorded car rental was in 1904 and the first company to do that regularly did it in 1917. The first actual truck rental recorded was in 1933.

After World War II people were moving again, and needed vehicles to make those moves happen. Thanks in part at least to wartime technology, trucks became more sophisticated. Even so, the first moving rentals were trailers, which were generally pulled behind trucks. Sometimes they were pulled behind cars.  Eventually, someone came up with the idea of one-way rentals, allowing movers to rent a trailer in one city and turn it in when they finished their move in the new city.

A panel truck, or what we know today as the moving van, was developed.  In 1969 the first moving trucks started to get rented. We are not sure when the first Orange County Moving Company started renting out trucks in the area. The idea caught on quickly and by the early 70s was well established as a part of American culture.

It was really not until the 1980s that the moving truck rental business came into its own. Vehicle manufacturers started making vehicles for the purpose of moving.

Today there are some huge moving truck rental companies, and some are associated with car rental businesses. There is always room for a small mover or small company like an Orange County moving company.  Some of the smaller companies are now renting moving trucks by the hour which makes it even more convenient for people moving.


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