Different types of carpet to choose from

 Different types of carpet to choose from

There’s nothing worse than getting out of bed on a cold morning only to put your feet on a freezing cold floor. That’s why many homeowners decide to put carpet in their bedrooms and not hardwood or tile flooring. Aside from the ease of keeping your toes warm, there are other benefits carpet can provide such as:

  • Absorbing room odor
  • Absorbing dirt and grime brought in from outside or other home areas
  • Adding a cozy aesthetic to your room decor
  • Giving extra cushion on the floor for pets and children

While all these are great benefits, two of them are about ‘absorbing’ either dirt and grime or odors which is not healthy to keep trapped in a room. So how do you get it out? By vacuuming your carpets twice a week and/or hiring a professional carpet cleaning service to come do it for you.

Professional carpet cleaning services are great for when you’ve accumulated more dirt and grime than your household vacuum can clean. Their services are also great for removing stains and returning carpet back to the color and shape it was when you first had it purchased and installed.

What type of carpet is right for me?

When you first purchase carpet, it’s important to think about how much foot traffic you’re going to have in that space. The amount of foot traffic will then help you determine which type of carpet to install and purchase.

Berber – Loop Pile:

Berber is a popular carpet option. The carpet is made from fibers that are bent into a loop, hence the name. This carpet is great for resistance against stains but it not considered soft or plush so it can be rough on your feet.

Level Loop:

This stiffer carpet is created when loops are made that are all the same height. It is perfect for very high traffic areas as it can withstand the wear and tear but is not great for bedrooms due to its hard nature.


Known for being plush and soft, it’s a popular style of carpet. The downside is these carpet fibers can be torn easily if something sharp gets stuck in it.

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