Different Types of Internet Connections Available For Your Home

 Different Types of Internet Connections Available For Your Home

Did you know there are different types of internet connections available to install in your home? They each have characteristics that determine how much the bill will be, how fast the connection will be and how reliable the internet will be. Here’s a breakdown of the three major types of home internet connections available on the market.

1. Fiber

Fiber internet is created with cables made from glass and plastic fibers that transmit data as light signals. It’s extremely fast and reliable, but it isn’t available in all areas yet. Research the residential fiber optic installation Aurora CO to see if it’s able to be installed in your home. If not, give it time. More fiber optic lines are being installed each day as this technology becomes more popular.

2. Cable

Cable internet uses coaxial cables to connect a modem to your internet service provider. Electrical signals are converted into the internet connection you require. This type of wireless internet is faster than DSL and has more availability than fiber. You may notice slower internet speeds during peak times of the day, but it’s overall reliability is fairly stable. If you would like cable television, this type of internet can usually be bundled together with cable and phone plans.

3. DSL

This type of internet uses telephone lines to transmit data. The availability is high and the cost is low, which makes it a fantastic option for many people. If you value speed, however, DSL is not the internet you want. Telephone lines don’t have the ability to support higher bandwidths like cable and fiber internet.

Having an internet connection is an essential part of daily life. Research the options available in your area so you can make the best choice for your family and enjoy the speed and reliability you want.

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