Disadvantages of fake security cameras 

 Disadvantages of fake security cameras 

Fake security cameras, as the name suggests, are dummies of security cameras. They are designed to resemble security cameras but are not equipped with the functions and features of real security cameras. Dummy security cameras come in various shapes and sizes and are equipped with a plastic lens, blinking red light and motion detectors to convey the impression of a real security camera. Owners of residential and commercial properties often opt for fake security cameras because they are cheap and easy to install and are supposed to fool burglars and vandals.

However, installing dummy security cameras is not a good idea due to several reasons. Some of the major reasons have been discussed here.


Even moderately experienced criminals can easily identify fake security camerasSome of the features which make it possible are as follows.

  • Blinking red light on a dummy camera is meant to attract attention and convey the impression that the camera is watching. But blinking red light is absent on a real security camera, and the criminals know this difference. Thus, red light is a giveaway that the camera is fake.
  • Fake security cameras also have in-built motion sensors which cause them to move randomly on detecting motion. Criminals can easily identify the random movement of dummy cameras.
  • Fake security cameras do not have multiple wires, unlike real security cameras.
  • Multiple stickers and markings on fake security cameras to make them appear real often end up revealing the opposite.

No Security 

Once criminals come to know that about fake security cameras installed in a property, the chances that they would strike increases manifold. And once the crime is committed, the dummy cameras prove to be useless due to the following reasons.

  • The fake security cameras do not record anything at all. Thus, there is no proof of any criminal activity that has taken place in the property.
  • The identity of the criminals would be unknown since the cameras captured nothing at all.
  • Police use security cameras to look for clues and identify the criminals. Fake security cameras give no such advantage to the police.

Insurance Claims 

Insurance companies cover the losses suffered by business establishments due to theft and other mishaps. However, if fake security cameras are installed in the premise, then it becomes difficult to prove the incident which resulted in losses. This allows the insurance provider to make the claim processing very complicated. Real security cameras, on the other hand, provide conclusive video evidence of the incident which leaves no scope for doubt. Moreover, the insurance premium charged is less if real security cameras are installed in the property.

No Remote Access

Modern security cameras provide remote access which means you can keep a watch on your property through your mobile phone even when you are not physically present. This is especially beneficial for people who have small children in their homes. Fake security cameras do not allow round the clock surveillance.

Damage to Reputation 

A business establishment which installs fake security cameras in its premise can quickly develop a bad reputation among employees and customers. This is because both employees and customers develop a false sense of security, and when a mishap occurs, they feel cheated.


The above points illustrate that it is better to invest in genuine good quality security cameras than go for cheap fake security cameras and suffer losses in the long term.

Dom Charlie

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