DIY Home Staging Projects to Help you Get a Quick Sale

 DIY Home Staging Projects to Help you Get a Quick Sale

The promotion you were chasing finally came through and you and your partner have found the ideal house nearby your new employer; all you need to do is find a buyer for your current home and with so many properties on the market, you do need to present your home in its best light. Here are a few exterior home staging features to give your home more appeal.

  • Resurface the Driveway – That is one of the first things a potential buyer will see when they view and with many concrete paver finish options, you can choose something in keeping with the property. If the terrace has seen better days, it might be an idea to invest a little in replacement pavers and pathways should also look neat and tidy. Block paving offers stunning finishes and if it helps sell the house, it is a worthwhile investment and a major feature.
  • Landscape the Frontal Elevation – A lot more than a trim and tidy, you could create a small lawn and add a row of evergreen conifers and perhaps replace that old wooden fencing and a new gate. Create a few flower beds and plant colourful species and generally improve the garden and trees. If you talk to a local landscaper and explained you are trying to sell, he would know exactly what to do and it wouldn’t cost a lot. Once the work is completed, take your property listing images on a sunny day.
  • Power Wash the Roof – Roof tiles gradually take on dirt and grime and renting a power wash machine for a weekend is a great way to brighten up the house. This machine can be used on stone, cement and tiles, so you could restore the concrete driveway and clean up the pathways. The machine has variable nozzle settings allowing you to clean large expanses and such is the water pressure, it blasts the surface and restores it to its original state. If your bathroom needs a makeover, here is an informative blog on bathroom revamps.
  • Soffit & Fascia Boards – These require regular painting and if your roofing boards are looking tattered, why not replace them with PVC? Choose a contrasting colour and that will transform the property, plus there’s no maintenance with PVC and it won’t fade, crack or split. Replace the guttering with stainless steel sections for the finishing touch.
  • Stone Cladding – It is a significant investment and one that could be added to your asking price; check out the stunning tiles available from the online supplier and this could be the deal-clincher, as stone cladded properties are very attractive. If you are unable or unwilling to do the work, talk to a local builder and he will quote for the project and you might be pleasantly surprised at how little it costs. Here is some Australian government information on home improvements, which might prove useful.

Expect to make a significant investment if you want to stage your home, and most homeowners add the cost to their asking price, which is a win-win for everyone. Be selective in the improvements you make and if unsure, consult with a home staging real estate agent harlingen tx who would point you in the right direction


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