Do Florists for Home Delivery in Singapore Have A Fixed Delivery Time?

 Do Florists for Home Delivery in Singapore Have A Fixed Delivery Time?

Ordering a bouquet using online flower delivery service is quite tricky if you want to celebrate a special day with someone. You need to calculate everything specifically to know how much it takes time for the shipping process. Ensuring the bouquet keeps fresh needs fast and trustable delivery service. Which we surely provide.

Celebrating special moments like anniversary, birthday, or Valentine’s day will be perfect when the flowers you’re ordering arrive on time. Knowing the time to order and scheduling it properly can help you avoid missing the crucial moment.

That’s why, before ordering, make an estimation of when to order and when it will arrive at that person. Not only calculating the distance but other aspects like the shipping service matter. Luckily, numerous flower delivery Singapore services offer same-day shipment you can freely choose these days.

Understand Terms and Conditions of Each Florist

Due to the need for delivering flower bouquets instantly, so many florists offer same-day shipment services, mostly for locals in the Singapore area. Besides keeping them fresh, the same day shipping shows how professionally the florist takes your order.

However, each florist has their own terms and conditions you should know. Not just knowing the type, arrangement, and color you want to pick, you also need to consider its hours of operation.

Generally, this service is always on and operates 24/7. Sometimes, the shipment process on public holidays should be arranged and postponed, especially when it must deliver abroad. The condition can be different from one another due to its delivery policy of that country.

Some florists let customers contact them to book urgent deliveries. But the payment will be different from ordinary cases, especially for international shipping. The top-rated online florist will always try to guarantee customer satisfaction and standby for 24-hour customer service.

Make sure that the payment should be secure, whether you purchase via Mastercard, PayPal, Visa, or any other payment method. Check and recheck the amount you should pay before clicking check out and making an order. Prices may change during any festive season.

Time to Purchase Flower  

Now, when having decided the bouquet to send, estimate the terms and conditions for delivery. Upon successful order, the best florist will immediately confirm your order via email or other kinds of chats. Once you get the notification, it means your order has been received.

Mostly, the same day services can be divided into 3 different shifts. First, each order placed before 11 AM will immediately deliver from 1 to 5 PM. The second shift will be sent around 7 to 10 PM, for each order has been confirmed before 3 PM.

Making orders after that time is quite risky. Luckily, some of the florists offer an additional shift where the order will be sent right away from 10 to 12 PM if you order before 5 PM. After these 3 shifts, all the confirmed purchases will get delivered the next day, commonly after 1 PM like the 1st shift.

For international shipping, it will take longer of course. Fortunately, some flower delivery Services still offer same day shipment, the most important thing is to finish your order before 2 PM. At that time, the bouquet will be shipped immediately while the purchase after 2 PM will be shipped the next day.

To make a perfect moment in your life without getting interrupted, choosing the right place to deliver it on time is a must, make sure you read all the terms and conditions of the florist first. So, you can differ which can make the shipping go fast or slow. The important thing is to pick trusted flower delivery  services that can be relied on. check out these fresh Hand Bouquets in SIngapore from Windflower Florist.

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